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  1. The shadow

    The shadow The shadow knows!

    yet this all powerful creator is willing to use an innocent family. This all powerful creator is willing to allow suffering on a massive scale. this creator when the creation became flawed instead of resetting the creation right then and there allowed the flawed creation to continue until he flooded the world. then incarnated committed suicide and then appointed a unknown guy from France to be his witness..
    yeah right.
    a guy who has repeatedly been wrong..
    a guy who supposedly talks to aliens.
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  2. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    The very moment you blame me for your own mistake/misundertanding, you're leading people astray because people react in thinking that you are right when you are wrong. So, you start the fire and people blow on it with no relevant reason. You then spread hatred instead of love, and even don't admit your mistake/misundertanding. There is one perfect word for this: hypocrisy!

    I didn't shift anything. I alway admitted my mistakes about my wrong dates. I just wanted to underline those of the whole Christianity since ages, while few admitted to have been wrong. And maybe this escaped you, but God's people are not existing yet as long as they are not selected. They will be few, as already stated. And the least we can say is that what the churches since ages have done is to misinterpret the Bible prophecies with hypothesis that are, to say the least, very unchecked or unmatched, unlike mine.

    Victor? Why do you absolutely need a victor when you precisely displayed your unability to admit your mistakes? Anyway, time will tell soon what God has in mind. The majority of the congregation? God's social archetype is kingship, not democracy.

    What mainly separates democracy from kingship is that, in the first, the People judge one person, while in the second, one person judges the People. Kingship is about 5,000 years old. Democracy is but about 300 years old...while approaching the end. Has this also escaped you?
  3. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    You don't get it, John, Just because you are willing to keep fighting doesn't mean I am, This thread has turned into something worse than a clusterfuck. It's turned into an outright riot. Some day, You and I Will continue our discussion and pick up on things, Provided you stick around, But for now, You have more pressing concerns than me.
  4. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    SO, I speculate that your brain is able to form a clear logic. Your want proofs that God exists. Am I right?

    I told you: DEFINE GOD!

    The problem here is that IF you are unable to define something that you want to get proofs from, you won't be able to get such proofs. This is a circular reasoning. You want proofs for something you don't define. This is impossible. I thought that the atheists were smarter than this. :(
  5. Shadowprophet

    Shadowprophet Truthiness

    Be as wise as a serpent and as gentle and as innocent as doves John.

    There are a lot of people here who think the Bible is Fiction, We can't control peoples free will, Which is a point that you could make concerning God allowing people to harm others. To interfere with someone's free will, Omits the freedom people have to make mistakes.

    God didn't put us here to Not have choices and options, And this is why Bad things happen. Because Life and living life, Isn't about proof, It's not about Making someone else accept what we believe in, To each person, It's about their belief, Their faith, You have to reach their hearts, Not their necks to strangle them. Life and living life is about what they choose. This isn't me speaking religion, This is me speaking logic. They know what I believe in, What I stand for, But I will never force it on others Because their right to choose is as validated as my right to choose.

    I like them, Weather they Believe in God or not, Because If my affiliation with them was conditional based on how many of them agree with me, Then it could be said, A person like that doesn't genuinely like them.

    They are my friends, They know what I believe, Most of them respect that I believe that. And that's because I respect what they believe. Just because someone refuses to accept God, Doesn't mean you should shun them or turn your back on them, People that refuse God, Can only know him Through our actions, John.

    A little love and caring would have taken you really far.
  6. mohom

    mohom Adept

    God is what humanity made up in their darkest moments to feel better. You are wrong at the very roots :cool8:
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  7. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    Self-justification? No just explanations. But you're free to think whatever suits you. Sorry for the headache. But I don't force anyone to reply. :Sneaky:
  8. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    That is funny. Indeed. You made me laugh. It's better not to have grandchildren after all. Like I often say, you must wait for the end of the story to conclude...

    My date setting mistakes will soon be forgotten when time has come for real hardships. People will wonder what I wrote to better avoid them...
  9. The shadow

    The shadow The shadow knows!

    hey Eric who are the two witnesses?
    you and "eve"?
    or William and kate?
  10. Double Nought Spy

    Double Nought Spy Easily Amused

    Eric John Whoever: Go get some help. Your condition is not uncommon, and there are effective treatments that could get you back to productive personhood. That's the best thing you could do for yourself and everyone else. You are counterproductive and harmful to yourself as it is, and changing that is not difficult if you have the courage to start.
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  11. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    Did you travel back in time to affirm such statements? There are a lot narratives about facts in the Bible. They could be embellished, but there are situations, people and events. Not just discourses on beliefs. There are so many episodes of living people in the OT and the NT that it becomes even boring. These people loved details. That is why the Bible is about 2,000 pages long.

    We could discuss for hours about the withdrawals and / or selections of gospels. There certainly were such choices for various reasons, and I fully agree with that. It doesn't mean that the people who made the selection didn't have legit reasons to do that. Some good, some bad.

    It doesn't change the main aspect I addressed in the video: all the prophecies, from the OT, the Gospels and the Book of Revelation match betwen them, and history.

    Actually, there is no such thing as the resurrection from the grave. People generally confuse 'raised from the dead' and 'resurrection'. Only Christ has resurrected (body of light), but 'many' have been 'raised from the dead' (same body) when miracles occured.

    So, the time of the resurrection of the chosen ones, among the chosen ones, comes at the very end, since we are destined to die once, that is to say to get our new body of light. THAT is resurrection, and the only possible resurrection. So, all the dead won't be resurrected, but just a very tiny part of humanity. For the rest of the large majority of people, reincarnation applies until the Last Jugdment. But if not thrown in the lake of fire, one will reincarnate again, and again, until the next great cycle end.

    Thank you for your kindness. Put my part on a good charity account if you see fit. lol.

    I will prefer to put your soul on the right list rather than bothering with your body. b0014
  12. The shadow

    The shadow The shadow knows!

    Kate? your response to everyone else..
    who are the two witnesses?
    what is your relationship with them.
  13. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    I will continue to answer tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. :lazy:
  14. Georgek

    Georgek George

    482 do realise that we 'in the book' nivek'

    Best we can do is offer him a cup of tea and hope that God will forgive us?
    I don't know what your excuse will be....but I will say:- "They made me say it!"

    Just got sun burnt her in Nottingham....Don't fancy another roasting when I am dead. :D
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  15. Georgek

    Georgek George

    There will be plenty of these about.....I am off to church tomorrow (to bribe the vicar for forgiveness)
  16. Georgek

    Georgek George

    I recollect in the mid 1970s I was sitting in the Market Square in Nottingham and this bible preacher stood up and gave a speech.

    Most of his passers by jeered and laugh but I just listened to him. He later sat next to me and asked why I was not laughing?

    By which I said that I admire a person with guts who can stand up in front of a jeering crowd and talk a load of rubbish.
    We became good friends and both agreed to look into each others beliefs with mine being UFOs.

    I spent a long time at Cliff College Derby learning Christianity and the bible and he found me interesting. A lot of my questions he was stuck and needed to ask his superiors for the answers.

    I had biblical studies because I wanted to understand people. I wanted to know the human mind and what made a person believe?

    Soon began to realise that most of the converts were people who had little hope. Drug users, criminals suicides and so on.

    They became easy prey because they had given up on life. Christianity meant that no matter what they had done, trhey would go to heaven as long as they accepted Jesus Christ as their one and only savour!

    Yer??? We both know that don't we.
    You see John...... listen.....

    (I did a course in assertiveness by the way)

    It goes back a very long way over 6,000 years . It was all down to Eve when she ate that apple (or was it blueberry pie?)

    We had it mate...good and proper because sin was born. Yer...alright we all became infected because the sin was passed down by generation to generation and you know what that meant?

    This lot don't stand no chance because UFOs are meant to be the work of the devil and there are few of them reptilians lurking about here, as I will not mention names.

    Through the years we went merrily along...'popped our clogs' and then to Hell.

    Then Jesus came. It meant that no matter how bad we are...if we repent our sins and accepted Jesus we would be saved.
    Whereas poor me who never hurt a fly was doomed to Hell and eternal damnation.
    A booming bad deal!!!

    Well...most thought:- "Sod it.....I will sign anyway"

    Over here if you slip them a few quid they will believe in anything for you.

    Okay it don't bother me because I have made my escape plan back here. I am not staying .

    There will be a few black clouds when this lot pop off!

    Anyway...Ia m not going to ramble on about religion but the point is John, that th whole bible is going back a long time and you just cannot take bit out of it which will fit your point of view!

    Oh bl**dy clever them priests. They did not have forums back in those days...they got rich in another way. By scaring you to death but making sure that they got your money first.

    You think:- "Sod this..I am off!" But you cannot escape.

    Yer alright there is a little bit more in it for you. Gratis at the gate for one or two converts.

    What they did John...yer now listen........

    They used to kill witches. YES!! It does say it in the bible. Though shall not suffer a witch to live!

    So they got the ducking chair out and if you floated you would be set free. The chances are that your wallet would come up first!

    They started issuing haemorrhoid cream on prescription back in 1640 for other reasons.

    No it was not the spirit of John the Baptist they were talking about. The disciples said:- "Verily the Scribes say that Elijah must come first"
    that was when Malachi said:- "In the great and dreadful day of the lord...I bring you Elijah first"

    Meaning that Jesus WAS Elijah.
    The bible also speaks of 'the second death' Purgatory is the Astral.

    Did you also know that Jesus called to Lazarus THREE times not once? Yer...they got rid of that one.

    John...john...john...john...I could talk to you about this for hours. Yer we could save one or two here but they are past

    If you read Abraham they used to have sacrifices .
  17. pepe

    pepe Noble

    I recall a man I once saw in Guildford, arms outstretched in front of him and clasping the latest edition of the argos catalogue he marched through the people barging his way to keep on a straight a line as possible while shouting out how he knew our fate.

    Like a shield the book of argos was some kind of protector slash battering ram.

    Probably had a pocket full of those little pens and on his way back to the rocking chair.
  18. Ron67

    Ron67 Ignorance isn’t bliss!

    Define god.You are kidding right!.The god who supposedly created the universe and everything in it,the supposed father of Jesus,the creepy character that impregnated a child against her will,you know the one I mean.You should be a politician as you slither and slide like a snake waffle on for ages spouting nonsense and let people down time and time again!.
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  19. john4564

    john4564 Noble

    No, I am not playing. One must be sharp and honest with words and truth. That's the whole problem with biblical interpretations. Often people take one word for another, or a meaning for another.

    I said it before in this very thread (maybe I go too fast). People want a date but don't care about what the date means. I always see people asking, after long explanations from me, 'what will happen on that date?' They just need: UFO, Orleans, France. So, what? People here or there constantly say that I was wrong about the date but just disregard my explanations, as if their brain couldn't bear more than three words: UFO, Orleans, France.

    Maybe people could add two more words in their brain: SOULS SWITCH!

    I don't know if I can dare adding few more words. I am afraid they could be lost again. Well, let's try...

    Two bodies LOOKING LIKE William's and Kate's are, right now, waiting for us in heaven (space). The same for Christ and two angels. Their bodies in space LOOK LIKE George's, Charlotte's and Louis'. We will enter our NEW bodies once raptured/abducted at Orleans, France.

    FEW DAYS LATER, the present Cambridge family will be raptured/abducted too....and will STAY IN HEAVEN for a looooonnnng time, several decades, at least.

    THEN, WE, Eve and Eric, THEN IN OUR NEW BODIES LOOKING LIKE William's and Kate's, will come back to earth as the TWO WITNESSES, with the NEW George Christ and his NEW earthly siblings, Charlotte and Louis. We will form the NEW Cambridge family!

    To be the Two Witnesses, we need to witness something. What?

    The spirit of Christ entering George's new body!
    This is the narrative of Rev 5 and can not happen before our rapture/abduction at Orleans, France. That is why the Two Witnesses will be 'standing before the Lord of the earth', as per Rev 11:4, since he will be their earthly son...once the whole NEW Cambridge family will be back to earth.

    I do hope that this explanation will help you.

    You may wonder why we need new bodies LOOKING LIKE William's and Kate's instead of their own bodies. The reason is simple: to do wonders...

    So, when we will discuss again about all the previous dates I was wrong for, and why our ET friends don't want to give us the date straight, you will include something of utmost importance. This souls switch event being the starting point of the end times, it then will be the first seal, the white horseman, the return of Christ. But what immediately follows this return of Christ? The second seal, the red horseman:

    A war between Michael (since Christ is on earth at that time) and his God's angels (aka the benevolent ETs, our friends) and Satan and his fallen angels (aka the malevolent ETs, reptilians and consorts).

    So, hidding us the date is hidding their strategy, tactics and plan to God's enemies who could read our mind!

    So, while you laughed at my failures, they laughed at Satan's blindness.
  20. The shadow

    The shadow The shadow knows!


    ok folks I finally got this figured out..
    read closely.
    during the UFO event Eric Julian his girlfriend "Eve" prince William and Kate all will be taken and converted.
    now Eric is William and Kate is eve.
    folks its here in his own hand.
    Eric Julian is insane.
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