Tubular shaped interstellar space craft

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    Interesting something like this was patented, and a few years ago too, I wonder if anyone built it yet?...:Whistle:

    Tubular shaped interstellar space craft
    Patent US 8109471 B2



    The invention relates to a plasma based aircraft possessing a magnetic field, and a plasma vortex. The craft is tubular in shape. The craft has a vast array of capacitors. The craft also has a proton accelerator, plasma guns, and diversion devices. The craft will approach the speed of light, over time.

    The craft obtains fuel direct from an atmosphere or a radiation induced atmosphere in space, at no cost, similar to our Moon's radiation induced atmosphere of the noble gases. The craft can travel to a gk star, for only the cost of construction of craft.

    The craft has three on-board escape, exploratory craft. The craft produces plasma vortices within an electromagnetic field. The field is an inhomogeneous, diamagnetic, orbiting plasma field, with a magnetohydrodynamic electrically conducting plasma current.

    The craft possesses approximately seven uninsulated, tungsten bands, encircling craft.
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    Certainly worthy of speculation. There have been stories about how the Germans may have experimented with aircraft that used plasma technology. You would think more would be happening with plasma.
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