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    I'm a big fan of dogs too mate and must be pretty traumatic to have your beloved pooch zapped by a UFO - especially when it just flies away and you have no idea what it was.

    Think you're on the right track about microwaves and given enough time and funding then who knows what's possible - recently saw a Russian report claiming they've created a beam which causes people to hallucinate (don't know how true that is though).

    Lots of strange rescue dog behaviour reported by handlers in the Missing411 reports as well so it really does make a person wonder WTD is going on.

    Always found the 1952 Flatwoods case a real intriguing one and the vid below describes a large, rounded, black object (pulsating cherry red and pale orange) which was observed by several witnesses on the top of a hill, did find it relevant that it's stated two police dogs refused to go up it the day afterwards.

    There's also claims of missing metal and liquid samples and Michael Swords has made a great blogpost below about restricted documents involving the Pentagon and DSI giving 'utmost priority' to the lab analysis of the subject samples.

    The Big Study: Peeking at Ivan's SITU files: the Flatwoods Monster.

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    Hi Karl, ..Yes I think that you're quite right to be scepticle of unsupported claims of exotic technology matey... I always am. :Thumbsup:
    Ah! .. the professor, the very best source of knowledge and a a damned entertaining blog too. .. and as to the flatwoods monster case... I am of course familiar as it is a pretty notable case, and have to say that I initially just laughed it off when I first saw it because as you might guess, I came across the case on one of those [not so subtle] debunking articles that painted the whole case as merely one of those 1960's syfy-inspired hoaxes with the [probably-intentionally] accompanying false images. ... But it was whilst researching 'the main man Ivan' and hearing him speak about his investigation of the case that I realised that the 'very-possible-event' was a whole lot more digestible than previously led to believe. ... Oh, did I mention that over the last couple of years that instead of being mildly familiar with Ivan T Sanderson, .. I actually fell in love with the guy and his fantastic life story. ... From teenage adventurer-zoologist, to intrepid zoological adventurer, to 'Bond-type war hero', to UFO researcher, to pioneering cryptobiologist , to radio/TV presenter and author of fantastic books. ... And not to mention an altogether brilliant chap! ... this is what started it off really... A Tribute to Ivan T. Sanderson ... and after that, I was hungry for more. :Tongue:

    Cheers Buddy.
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    Hola mate here's that article - apparently it only uses oscillating beams but interesting that it's claimed light is being weaponised to induce hallucinations (and nausea).

    Russia develops weapon which makes enemy soldiers ‘hallucinate, vomit'

    Couldn't agree more about Ivan mate - very clever man and once made a thread on his UFO sighting (linked below) - also one of the first to speculate about USOs and the cryptoterrestrial hypothesis so hats off to him for that.

    section VInew

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    Tabor City tribune., February 18, 1953
    Tabor City tribune. (Tabor City, N.C.) 1946-1991, February 18, 1953, Image 1

    More Saucers Seen

    By Fenton Miller

    Arthur Marlowe of Route 4, Loris, is the second Horry County man to report a mysterious object hovering over his farm. Within fourteen hours after he sighted the object he found one of his cows dead from unknown cause on the spot over which the object hovered. In Loris and elsewhere in the county and adjoining counties numerous people during the last week have reported sighting unfamiliar lighted obiects nassimrme sKy. Marlowe, who lives two miles south of Highway 9 on the old Whiteville- Conway road, states that he was awakened at approximately 30 minutes after midnight on Saturday morning, February 14th, by the barhing of his dogs and the braying oi his horse. After throwing on his clothes, he looked out of a window and saw so much ligh' that he thought his barn was on fire. When he" got outside he discovered that the light was coming from an object about 70 feet 3bove the ground r.nd about 100 *ards beyond his barn. He was able to make out three cylindrical beams of light coming from the object, one fiom what appeared to him to be the front, another from the side fachig him and the third from the rear of the object. The light was so bright, he said, that he could have read fine print where he was standing approximately 100 yards from it. Although he had his gun with him and three times started to shoot the object, he decided not to in hopes that the object might settle to the ground. If it did land, he planned to get some sticks of dynamite out of his barn, slip up to it, and perhaps damage the object so that he could have some proof of what he saw. The object was about as long as a boxcar and was oval shaped. Marlowe said. He was unable to see any markings of any kind on it. He did hear a noise coming from it which sounded like an electric motor under load. After he had watched the object for approximately 25 minutes, it began to move gradually to the west getting higher as it movedI away. Marlowe said that the noise coming from it became louder as it began to move. Saturday afternoon around 2 30 Marlowe found one of his cows dead on the spot over which the object had hovered 14 hours earl ier, he said. The cow was lying down with her legs folded up underneath her so that at first Marlowe thought she was resting or was asleep. He threw a stick at her, but she did not move. Then he discovered she was dead. There was no sign of struggle connected with the cow's death. Her nose was pushed slightly into the dirt and pieces of the rye from the pasture were in her mouth. Saturday morning when he milked and fed the cow she appeared to be in good health. About ten o'clock he turned her and his other cow out into the pasture. When he left his farm at 12:30 to go to Loris, he noticed that both cows were grazing. Then when he returned to his farm at 2:30 he

    (Continued on page 8


    (Continued From Page Onei found one of them dead.

    Marlowe said that he is not sure that there is any connection be

    | twee η his cow's death and the ap ! pea ranee of the object the previο us night, but that the two things

    are mighty coincidental. Marlowe also said that Leon Hardee, who lives one-half mile south of him, had lost a horse two days earlier with no signs of death struggle and with grass in its mouth. While Marlowe's experience is the most spectacular report, others have seen mysterious lights passing through the sky. The Lacy Hardees. the Roscoe Wilsons, the Levi Shelleys, and Miss Emma dell Prince, all of whom live in the newly developed area of Loris behind Prince's Esso Station, report that between nine and 9:15 Friday night, February 13th, they saw some mysterious object. They first noticed the object travelling from the south of Loris. They watched it move over Loris and on to the north. Then it turned around and passed back towards the south. All they could see was a light, shining steadily, about the size of a fist, Roseoe Wilson said. When the object turned, the light be came larger, but returned to its former size after it straightened up. The Wilsons and Hardees said that the object turned not to the right or left but turned up when it changed course to the north of Loris. After the object got too closeto the horizon to be seen the Lacy Hardees rode to the junction of Highway 701 and the street that goes down by H. Clay Hughes Store and Brick Warehouse and watched the object for about 25 minutes. At this time the object which part of the time appeared about the size of a star seemed to circle down until it reached a certain height. Then it rapidly darted up and tu one side, and then began circling down again. It kept up this motion all the time they watched it. They left their vantage point twice to find the Loris police. After they returned the second time they discovered that the object had disappeared. Earlier the same evening BobBenton, station agent for the Atlantic Coast Line at I.oris, sightedla strangely lighted object in thiI sky at Nixon's Crossroads onHighway 9 at he was driving tchis home at Cherry Grove Beach The object came from over the water and seemed to curve to the south over the land. "It was just a big ball of white light on a level course," Mr. Benton said.When he got to Cherry Grove Beach N. F. Nixon. Sally Rogers,and a Cox man told him that they had also seen the object. Mark Garner of Myrtle Beach, co-owner of this paper, states that he saw a lighted object pass through the skies the same night at 6:20 P. M. A similar object was reported seen a number of times the same night in Marion County.
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