UFO Empties Water Tank - Rosedale, 1980.

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    There's been quite a few reports of UFOs collecting water over the years and the sighting below from Australia is an interesting example involving an unknown object emptying a 10,000 gallon water tank on White Acres farm in Rosedale, Victoria on September 30th, 1980.
    Australian reseacher Paul Norman once described the case as a 'very impressive UFO landing and physical trace event' and the incident was also investigated by researchers Bill Chalker and Keith Basterfield who give more info about their findings at the links below.



    The witness described the object as consisting of two sections, 'a white dome on top and a larger orange section underneath' and around the bottom section he also stated there appeared to be 'circular windows or lights' -what makes the account all the more interesting (to me anyway) is the fact that he also described a kind of 'tube' appearing from the base of the object which isn't the first time this has been reported.

    Don't know what other folks make of the case and I suppose the witness account has to be taken at face value but the physical trace and animal reaction aspects are pretty intriguing, it's also said the witness was sick with headaches and nausea for more than a week afterwards and there were other reports of UFOs and water losses from around the same time and area.


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  2. karl 12

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    Other 'water tube's reports:






    Animal Reaction Feature


    UFO Trace - Landing Mark
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    Great stuff Karl, The Rosedale case is a particular favourite of mine as the facts and evidence in this case was strong enough that even Keith Basterfield [the renowned and imo most open minded sceptic....aka one of the few good guys on the other side of the fence.] admits that this case [and the Tully pond circle] defy any prosaic explanation.
    The other cases that you posted are also familiar from memory of a previous incarnation of this thread of yours, but are still as interesting as before!... Keep it up mate your threads are as fascinating as they are educational, it just still beggars belief that there are still folk that doubt the existence of 'a foreign presence on Earth' with the amount of solid untainted information that can easily be found or they are presented with by the likes of you my friend. [​IMG]

    Cheers Buddy.

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    It would be very interesting when the day comes we will get definitive answers from one of our vistors as to what they needed the water for.
    In one of my UFOnaut threads there was a case of a UFO with occupants taking water in the 19th or 18th century, I believe it was.
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    ufos have seen taking other things too, a report from the 60's described various humanoids picking boxes from a computer factory and putting them inside a craft that was blimp shaped
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    Wow, this is a first class indication of how ufo propulsion works. First debris were attracted to UFO's hull, than they were repulsed.

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