UFO Fleet Filmed Over Nashville

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    'UFO Fleet' Filmed Over Nashville

    A puzzling piece of footage that popped up online over the weekend appears to show several glowing orbs hovering over the city of Nashville. The strange scene was filmed by a Reddit user early Saturday morning and posted to the website shortly thereafter. "Anyone in Nashville seeing these lights right now," the witness asked, "I feel like I’m not lucky enough to be seeing a UFO so I need a second eye." In the video, multiple mysterious lights can be seen appearing and disappearing in the sky seemingly at random for approximately two minutes in total, making the incident a rather lengthy sighting.

    The individual who filmed the odd objects went on to observe that "they are going in what seems like random flight patterns. Suddenly accelerating around. Some will go really high up and behind clouds." Although they were looking towards a nearby airport, the witness seemed to dismiss the possibility that the anomalous lights were emanating from there, marveling that "I can't think of anything that moves like this." Although it appears as though the lights are vanishing and reappearing in the sky, the witness explained that this is a result of the camera and, to their eye, the orbs appear to be solid.

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    Neat video, I wonder if anybody has the know how to enhance it?

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