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    Actually, we think it's an aluminum bowl. Someone in Argentina found one that looks exactly like it.
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  2. Georgek

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    I think many of these UFO/alien photographs are none starters.

    This could well be a frisbee...but the problems that we are face with is that our preconditioned minds will always revert back to the logistics of our brain and as we are the bosses then it is us who decides; by the information that is stored in our brains.

    You see...folks may say that I look like Cary Grant because of my avatar...well..we do have one thing in common because we live with the dead.

    (here we go...)

    There was an occasion whilst I was driving along when this man was laying in the middle of the road star-spangled...so I did the decent kind of thing and carefully drove round him.

    Then the girlfriend retorted:- "You can't just leave him there at 2:00am in the morning cos someone could run over him!!"

    So I said:- "Well...he seems happy....someone will pick him up"

    Anyway...for some peace and quiet ...I drove back, held my breath from the alcoholic fumes then picked him up and leaned him on the nearby wall. (tis true!"
    Well you know...the usual euphoric feelings came back as my good deed for the year, so I got back in my car to drive off, did a 'U' turn and he was back in the middle of the road after staggering back with his tarmac coloured jeans and jumper.

    So...her we go again....

    This time he woke up, took one look a t me and swung a right hook saying that I was Pete Townshend (the lead guitarist) of The Who pop group!

    "&*@##&3% b*s*a%d".........I mean Jude Law would have been better .

    Obviously the party headbanging did not go off with a swing as he must have downed more alcohol after duffing the party record player.
    So I tipped him into the adjacent garden head down and feet up and tied a white piece of cloth around his right ankle for the postman to sort out.

    So what I am saying is that folks will look for the nearest thing that suits their belief.


    Typical was when I was a computer engineer and asked if the person had met me before?

    So I say I look like Sylvester Stallone.

    When they see me...they say:- "What the **** you don't look like Sylvester Stallone !"

    To me I do .Well...I think that I have his ruggered charm, the muscles (oh thanks....I his hair is a bit darker though) and


    Anyone get my point so far?

    (hmmm..I thought not?)


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  3. 1963

    1963 Honorable

    Hi Toroid, hope you are well mate.
    The picture that you likened APIguy's photo to was a picture claimed to have been taken in 2009 by the Macclesfield UFO Society guy Robert Hulse.
    I remember seeing this alleged picture of a flying saucer some time ago. And remember being extra intrigued as to the fact that the guy hails from no more than forty miles or so from me.... and to cut a long story short, firstly whilst not being too duly 'unimpressed' by the image , it could be at best ranked as interesting enough and put on the three mile high pile of equally impressive but uncorroborated images of flying saucers,... the second part however [which I believe is more important] I found not quite so encouraging , and that is that when I looked the guy up, he comes across as being imo… ? well let's say a little too 'loose'. … I mean, I just get the feeling that the fella is one of those people that [for no reason I can explain] doesn't convince me that he is telling the whole truth!
    ...here is a link to his about me at the MUFO site...…. About Me
    ….. on it you will see that he is one of those AA claimants that says that he has life long contact with ET/UFO's [many episodes] … and in his stories there are a number of red flag moments for me personally, such as he claims to have had a close encounter with a huge saucer when in the car with one of his sons... fine enough, could be legit, until the moment he said that he couldn't remember which one of his two sons was with him? Call me sceptical if you will, but i'm damned sure that if I had had such an extraordinary encounter along side one of my three sons, I bet you my life savings that i'd know wich son it was that I had shared this life-changing experience with!! … There's more but you judge for yourself.

    As to the 'flying saucer' in APIguy's offering.... if you blow it up, you can plainly see that it is actually a hollowed out structure, pretty 'thrown-bowl-like' as he intimates.... though I would have thought more of a plastic hubcap than a conventional bowl to my eyes. …. Either way, imho he is right to deem that one a fake.

    Cheers Buddy.
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