UFO meeting in Alabama USA

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    UFO meeting in Alabama, USA (1983)

    From the records of the APRO organization

    The following case is the result of a track supplied to APRO by Bob Gribble of the Phenomena Research Hotline, and the follow-up and research conducted by field researcher Ed Brown. The full name of the witness and some names that identify the exact place to protect the subject according to your request.

    Ms. Pat Norris, 28, lives with her husband, Carl, and three children in a suburb of Mobile, Alabama. On the night of February 3, 1983, she visited a friend in the city of Mobile, and when the friend's husband returned home from work, Pat went to his own home ninety minutes away. At one point, he felt an explosion. His car began to vibrate, making it difficult for him to drive. He managed to get out of the way, stopped the march and looked out to see if the sound came from the transmission of the vehicle, but it was not.

    The lady continued on her way and the vibration stopped. He made another turn along a side road and he could see the forest was illuminated with a dazzling light. At one point he thought that a helicopter was conducting a search due to the intensity of the lights, and he became afraid. He stopped his car again, and at that moment he came to see a huge object 1/2 mile to the west. Now he believes that the explosion was caused by this object when landing on a quarry that exists in the area.

    The device was huge.

    Pat estimated his height at 7 to 8 floors (70 to 80 feet) and the width of "six telephone poles" (210 feet), and seemed to approach it at about 4-5 miles per hour. The night was clear and cool had moved with the windows closed. After the explosion, I observe that "an abrupt wind, a high intensity sound, and a twining sound" accompanied the detonation. He stressed the "sound of the wind, which looked like a tornado."

    At a certain moment, when the object was near, the sounds died out in their entirety. The silence was total and Mrs. Norris lost all the fear that had gripped her. She left her vehicle to visualize the mysterious object without obstacles and did her best to absorb all the details, feeling "like a girl full of indescribable joy".

    Mr. Norris affirmed that although Pat informed him about the sighting, he was not aware that the fact had been so transcendent until his wife began borrowing UFO books from the local library.

    Pat Norris estimates that the event lasted 5 minutes. When the device showed up, the lady noticed the upper deck of the ship, which had an elongated window with an estimated length of 53 feet. It was possible to distinguish some twenty to thirty people through this window who ignored his presence, as if witnessing the change of shifts in a factory.

    The people did not seem to be looking out the window. They were white skinned, dressed in white jumpsuits. He thought that his height was comparable to ours, five feet ten inches, thin but bulging chest, skulls somewhat more prominent, hairless. He did not detect anything abnormal in his eyes. What struck him was the delicacy with which they moved, even though the atmosphere on board seemed "sterile".


    Under this window there was an opaque window surrounded by white. This window consisted of sections that were embedded and tinted.

    Below the center of the nave, a door closed from right to left. It was possible to see a "street" made of a material as dark as asphalt, with tubular and rectangular equipment beside it. He could see rivets and skylights throughout the ship. He stated that he was able to see the skylights perfectly, looking into the interior of the ship.

    He could see some details of construction, as well as "huge beams like the ones we used to build boats and supports to hold the crystals that were inside". The lower side was stepped up. The structure made him think of a ship or submarine. He asserted that it seemed extremely possible, indeed probable, that the ship could have been manufactured here on Earth.

    The bottom of the nave formed a cross formed by mirrors of a square foot, surrounded by an "observation deck" occupied by crew members. Unlike the upper deck, people looked out, and Mrs. Norris could hear a sort of announcement (almost a growl) coming from the part of the observation deck closest to her. At this point, Mrs. Norris considers that the strangers had not noticed her presence until they were directly over her.

    The ship turned south, away from the place where Pat was stationed. He said the ship remained in the wooded area and that it did not cross Highway 90 again. It was possible that the object was heading towards Irvington or Pascagoula. I illuminate the wooded area with white projectors, had red and blue lights on its sides and pointed towards the clouds before refocusing on the ground.

    He informed Mr. Brown that he had prayed for such a sighting. He had considerable dream material before and after the February 4 sighting. His most recent dreams included a detailed physical examination and a 'sweep' of his emotional state.

    Pat arrived at his house at 1:10 am, once the object was out of sight.
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    an classic!
    i call this case the "flying space liner"

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