UFO photographed at Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, Kangaroo Island

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    UFO sighting at Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, Kangaroo Island


    International visitor Andrew Isaacson inadvertently captured an unidentified flying object while visiting Cape Willoughby Lighthouse on Kangaroo Island.

    He took the photograph of the UFO at 4.25pm on Wednesday, December 5 in perfectly clear conditions.

    Mr Isaacson now wants to know if anyone else saw anything else unexplained flying around the Dudley Peninsula or Kangaroo Island in the past few weeks.

    “Just when I stopped taking photos and moved the camera down, I saw something out of the corner of my eye,” he said. “Whatever it was moved silently and exceptionally quickly.”

    He didn’t realise he had captured the object on his camera until he got back to his accommodation and started downloading and going through his photos from the day.

    His only thought was that it could have been some kind of unmanned drone, as it did not move like a plane or helicopter. He said it appeared to be about a “football field” distance off the shoreline below the lighthouse. “I’d be interested to know if anyone else reported a sighting that day,” he said. Mr Isaacson was originally from Sydney but now lives and works as an interior designer in Berlin, Germany.

    He was on Kangaroo Island with his mother who was celebrating her 90th birthday and were staying with friends at the Seaview Lodge in Penneshaw.


    The Islander last reported on KI UFO after National Geographic published an article about an explained sighting over Kangaroo Island in 1969.

    There have been numerous other UFO reports over the years reported in this newspaper.

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  2. Kchoo

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    Are those winglettes on either side?
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  3. 1963

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    Hi Nivek, nice picture but I think that we've seen enough of this type of picture to be automatically suspicious of it being no more anomalous than a 'motion-blurred-bird' ... but this case is slightly more interesting in that the photographer actually states that he saw the 'object' .. which differs in the aspect that most of these type of picture are said to have only been noticed after developing the film. He did say
    ... which makes me wonder if it could have been a bird after-all? Surely even just a quick glimpse out of the corner of his eye would be enough for him to know whether it was a bird or not? ... And allowing that the guy "International visitor Andrew Isaacson" is not just trying to garner publicity for whatever reason by deliberately creating a mystery... then i'm not sure at all what the picture could be? because if he is indeed telling the truth [and I have no present reason to suspect that he may not be...] then a quick glance of the object out of the corner of his eye would seem to rule out any known flying craft too, such as the four fire bombing aircraft that were busy supporting the forty fire fighters present ,plus the extra arrangements [possibly rescue helicopters] that were being provided from the South Australian mainland. ... And so surely all of the possibilities that the massive bush fire being dowsed by blurred pictures of water gathering aircraft etc offer , ...fly out of the window [so to speak] if the guy is telling the truth?.... in which case, this is a true UFO photo!

    Emergency warning for Kangaroo Island fire

    ... but it still looks a lot like a picture of a motion blurred bird to me mate. :wink8:

    Cheers Buddy.
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    SOUL-DRIFTER Life Long Researcher

    At this point in time we need something sensational yet authentic and it seems our visitors are not willing to let that take place at this time.

    I wonder just when and where such will happen.
    Will it be a new sensational photo, video reliable report or something else over the top...
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  5. 1963

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    Hi SD, hope you are well my friend. ... As to your comment of needing some real concrete evidence. I couldn't agree more mate, but as to the where and when? ... Well I am of the firm opinion that , the when will be determined by whenever the great 'accident' that is so big that it just cannot be covered up happens. ... Something like a technical fault forcing a genuine UFO down onto the Olympic stadium mid-1500m final with all of the worlds cameras broadcasting the spectacle live to billions... or something similar. [but then we'll still get the Sheaffer insisting that it is no more than a weather balloon or swamp gas! lol.]

    Cheers Buddy.
  6. humanoidlord

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    bird flying fast in front of camera
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