UFO Pilot Under-Reporting Bias.

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    Thought there was some revealing data found here regarding a 'reality check' on just how many people actually report their UFO sightings (I know I didn't) and when it comes to military/civilian pilots there's always been serious concerns about under reporting bias due to fear of ridicule, perceived competence, job security etc.

    After the Robertson panel led to the implementation of the JANAP 146 directive which basically made the reporting of UFOs to the American public an 'act of espionage' then suppose fines of up to ten thousand dollars (and/or one to ten years in prison) also deterred quite a few pilots from discussing their experience.

    Over the years there's been some truly revealing UFO surveys and polls conducted on professionals in the aviation industry (including this one involving 1000 radar operators) but did think there was a really relevant report below concerning 'under reporting bias' from NARCAP's Ted Roe.

    Report (PDF File):

    • Sticking with NARCAP also thought this was a pretty awesome interview with Dr. Richard F. Haines.

    The Pentagon's Al Chop also pops up in the vid below but there's a good section on pilot UFO under-reporting featuring NICAP's Richard Hall and NARCAP's Richard Haines found around 10:30.

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    Thought another good example of the mindset discussed above can be found in this interview with pilot Graham Bethune - apparently the crew of a U.S. Navy C-54 aircraft witnessed a disc shaped UFO over the Atlantic Ocean and a Naval Commander on board refused to look at it because he 'didn't believe in such things'.

    Guess we'll never know the true numbers on just how often pilots encounter UFOs but looks like witness intimidation could also be a factor and below are a few cases involving claims of 'do not to discuss'.

    • Three disc shaped objects confirmed on radar and witnessed close range by pilot flying Piper PA-24 aircraft.

    • Three disc shaped objects confirmed on radar and witnessed close range by two RAF pilots in Meteor jet aircraft.

    Upon landing both pilots separated, isolated and ordered not to discuss - debriefed next morning by plains clothes officer (records of official investigation now missing).

    From 4:30


    • Close range pilot UFO encounter where a yellow, oval shaped object flew just off the left wing of a Piper Arrow aircraft.

    Pilot detained and interrogated for over three hours by five men in suits who tried to make him sign a document stating that he would never disclose details of his UFO sighting to the public.

    See 59:10


    Some great forwarding links in this first file:

    Pilot Sightings - (PDF File)
    The UFO Evidence - Section V - PILOTS & AVIATION EXPERTS
    NARACAP Aircraft Survey Project (PDF File)
    The 'True' Report on Flying Saucers.
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    Congrats @karl 12 That's another very good dig.

    I was just looking where to stick this short video. These two Navy pilots who has seen Tick-Tack UFO had been extensively debriefed by media. But either I missed it, or the media missed it, but I noticed this the first time. These two pilots agreed that in that area "UFOs are seen every day" which means hundreds of sightings per year. Hundreds of sightings per year in just an area puts UFOs in a whole new level of credibility.

    Another very important thing said in that interview was when pilot Frevor re-confirmed when the journalist specifically asked him, that UFO disappeared in front of his eyes and other pilot confirmed that disappearance. That disappearance thing is something acceptable in General Relativity as a wormhole. And I have a small collection of these wormholes like disappearances.

    As a side note, I watched another video interview by a sailor who was stationed at Guam. He didn't say there were hundreds of sightings per year, but a substantial number and that the most of the personnel was aware of UFOs.

    Since both of these areas were at sea and both were in flying zones restricted by the military, I am wondering if UFOs are attracted to the military, for some reason. Or is it merely a coincidence, and UFOs are observed in these areas because somebody (military) is active there all the time.
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