UFO/USO Reports from Santa Catalina Channel.

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    Thanks Pig Farmer!
    I'm open-minded about the recent Tic Tac encounter being something from the US military, but there have been other very tic-tac-like UFOs seen and even chased by jets in the past --one was described as a "glowing washtub" (I think that one is in the Old Encounters thread, another a "butane tank", and when the big naval Exercise Mainbrace occurred, many UFOs were seen, and only one picture released, seen below --which appears to be Tic Tac-like, and some of the objects seen during the stadium visitation in Florence also looked the same (see picture at bottom).

    MainbraceTick tac.jpg

    The day UFOs stopped play

    Another question arises in my mind.. If we had such a first-strike capability, (and we have plans for first-strike options), why would we advertise it to the world in such a manner?
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    It doesn't have to be a 'first strike' weapon or even a weapon at all. It would have to be a specialized device(s) with a specialized, very specific purpose. My guess would be reconnaissance and data collection.

    Generally speaking you're right, they don't test secret systems anywhere but in friendly or at least favorable conditions. When it comes to these things there is a tipping point, the minute you use it you run the risk of discovery i.e. an F-117 was shot down over Kosovo, look at what happened to the secret chopper the SEALS used to get into Abbottabad. On the other hand, what's the point of having a capability and then not using it? I think they reach a balance by testing in training areas exactly like we have seen to prove the systems and if they are used we'll never know about it. That is true of submarine espionage, why not other secret programs ?

    I am strictly looking at the encounters brought to light since the 2017 NY Times article. What we have seen publicly seems to be a distraction. When it comes to older reports like Mainbrace, yeah, it's hard to wrap your head around what they were dealing with. It is hard to reconcile the performance witnessed with the known technology of the ere - as true in 2004 as it was in 1952. Not sure you can really come up with anything conclusive on a case that old and I am wary of using things like that as a ruler against which to measure other cases. For that matter you could speculate that the object(s) Paul Bennewitz claims to have seen in the Monzano Storage area sound pretty similar too.

    What I did say about Fravor's incident is 'maybe things are not what they appear to be'. Anybody ever think that it might be an advantage to make your [fill in the blank special project device] appear to have capabilities it does not, maybe even spoof the most advanced sensor systems available ?
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