UFO videos



Well, … there was a time that videos such as these seemed a whole lot more impressive to me. But time and much consideration aided by the multitude of such VT's on YT … I generally see them as nothing but clips of nocturnal bird flight! … As usual, I could be wrong. But i'm pretty convinced that this is the correct identity for most of such offerings... take a look at a few examples and tell me if you think otherwise...

Cheers Buddy.


I don't believe this one has been posted here before, even tho it is at least 8 years old. Probably because it was said to be fake. The original was taken down and this one is definitely been uploaded more than a few times and therefore the quality it diminished.

This person left this comment under the video and that is why I am posting it now.

Miguel Rodriguez 8 months ago
People make comments without doing research. Don't be fooled. In this case, you must dig deeper into this. This video was taken in Puerto Rico. The man who took it is named Jorge Martin. He had just gotten off of work. The original footage was analysed by an uninterested, top-notch firm with no ties to the cameraman. They employed state-of-the-art equipment, including lasers, spectrometers, and computers to satisfy the task. Their conclusion is astonishing! The video is 100% real. There was no manipulation or enhancement of the footage. Plus, no CGI was detected. Not surprisingly, two men working for the gov't paid the guy a visit. They demanded he turn over the evidence, even threatened him to keep quiet or else if he went public. There's more to this story, as there were more than seven interviewed witnesses. This may look incredible, perhaps fraudulent. But it's real. Even after all my research, I find it hard to believe that there isn't more footage of the incident. Plus, being a skeptik by nature.... Bottom line: I thought at first that this, like most, videos was also a phony. Boy, was I wrong!



I was searching for a different ufo clip in Brazil. Didn't find it yet but, I will. In the mean time I found this one from last week...