UFO videos

Dejan Corovic

I've been recommending this YT channel recently many times. Channel itself proves that we live right in a middle of UFO flap and we don't even know.

Today they published this video where UFO over Texas shows a typical fast turn:


Todd Feinman

Historic Encounters: tinyurl.com/4atm83v4
These are some of my favorite UFO videos:

Funny how you don't hear skeptics talking about them much..

Dejan Corovic

Quite good video from Iceland. Watch at a beginning how lights appear to be flying in a distant circle.

But this can be some kind of military exercise. But probably Iceland doesn't have that many military aircraft? I guess there is a lot of info missing.

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Finally a very good one. Who said there are no more UFO sightings?

First, no disrespect to this person but being an aircraft mechanic does not imbue you with superpowers. My cousin was an Air Force crew chief for 22 years and is literally the single dumbest person I know. As in barn door stupid; so goddamned thick in the head he ought to be secured behind a barn door with his peers for everyone's well being.

That said, it's cool and I thought 'blimp' at first glance. I knew there was a company operating around here a few years ago and found them. Extremely rare, but they exist. A stretch I know - it's cool looking.
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