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Yes, another example --like the road encounters, where objects display themselves to civilians and then take off. Great tactic, and the objects are always in control. Long-term contact without a tipping point. Most of the encounters here are either road encounters or small isolated group encounters --the two tactics for civilians.

I like how he talked about his instinct telling him to stay back. Makes me wonder if it was his instinct or an actual telepathic encounter. I have that "instinct" that he refers to. I call it my inner voice.



Police Chief Bernard Coffey and 3 Officers talk about their UFO encounter in Sharon, April 19, 1966​

Sharon Police Chief Bernard Coffey. Police Officers Fred Jones, Harold Donovan and James Testa. April 19, 1966. Sharon, Massachusetts. Year of interview: 1989.

(Original footage from: "The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis" - Copyright © 1989 D.S. Fine Productions. All Rights Reserved.)

Todd Feinman

Historic Encounters: tinyurl.com/4atm83v4
It reminds me of the Betty / Barney Hill craft; two "bat wings extended out from the sides and had bright red lights on them:

I think this is the Betty / Barney Hill craft: Seen in Canada the SAME YEAR as the above sighting, 1967.

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