UFOnauts: Military and Police Reports

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    Video is fine I think, go ahead...
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    British Policeman Alan Godfrey's UFO Abduction by Zod & Original Hypnosis Tape (1980)

    "Alan Godfrey is a retired police constable of the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Force who claims to have seen an unidentified flying object and been the victim of an alien abduction.[1]

    While checking reports of cattle wandering around a local council estate in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, on 28 November 1980, Godfrey claims he saw a bright light in the road ahead that he described as a hovering, rotating object. According to Godfrey, he experienced missing time of approximately twenty-five minutes, a split boot, and an itchy, red mark on his foot. Godfrey says that via hypnotic regression, he recalled being medically examined by alien creatures.[2]"

    The description of the human in appearance resembles Zod of the Superman series, and the other description of typical small greys. Maybe he was influenced by the movies? Hypnosis is one element but also there was other witnesses to a strange light.

    Commentators are saying the description of the UFO matches that of another sighting by a farmer Edwin Fuhr (1974).


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    What do you think the potential is that some of the abducted are not actually being abducted by aliens at all, but are being abducted as part of a long term project involving mind control, which through these peoples stories then becomes an important part in developing a narrative about aliens?

    I'm not saying all of them, just some of them, and I'll tell ya why I'm sensing this. First off it's got a connection to what seems like an entirely different topic but really isn't. Ultimately we are talking about advanced programs involving mind control and I think that some of these abduction cases could be examined in a new light.

    To begin with, I've been looking and looking for a rational explanation for these rashes of school shootings for a long time. So recently I managed to connect the dots, and I did that when I heard Phil Jordan tell how he had prayed and urged a suspect to confess his crime in a murder, which the guy did do!

    Now for those who don't know, Phil Jordan is often featured on the Justice Channel's program Psychic Detectives.
    Phil Jordan, Psychic<br />

    Ok, so now you have a real honest to goodness psychic with a long proven track record saying he basically entered some guys mind "remotely!'

    Here's the next part; Take this recent incident of Face Book as an example of the real intent behind mass data collection by corporate elites and connect that information to the idea of finding target material for mind control projects; aka, tools. Understand what I'm suggesting here? Well there's more, check the articles out on; "Remote viewing of natural targets"
    Link to CIA Reading Room where it's archived.
    Also same paper archived here.

    This isn't to say that there are not aliens, but I am suggesting that the powers that be are using existing known means to mold the perceptions of what the Aliens are all about for their own ends. Gee...ya think they would do something that crappy and underhanded to all the rest of us?

    Here are a series of clips from Derren Brown's experimental television program on mind control and hypnosis.
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