UFOs & The end times

Discussion in 'End Times & Conspiracies' started by JOHN60, Nov 15, 2018.

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    Well John60, you know what Satan dislikes. He dislikes when certain self righteous people talk about his plans. More than likely you will be one of the first people he comes looking for. I would bunker down if I were you.
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  2. JOHN60

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    Why am I self righteous? I merely state what was said at Bayside. I came to faith through an interest in Astronomy and the niggling thought about God when surveying the night skies in 1994.I recited a Hail Mary one night & thought no more about it until the following days/months brought a series of coincidences I could not ignore, I was reminded of Bishop Temples remark "every time I prayer coincidences happen". The first job I took after that was temping in a tea factory, one night whilst working on my own putting large cardboard boxes of tea through the tape machine I looked around to find 2 of the boxes had been rammed against the end posts of the production line & tea was spilling onto the floor. The supervisor told me there was a spirit active in the old part of the factory. So I am pleased that Satan & his demons hate my guts, it means i'm doing the right thing.

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