UFOs What are they?

Discussion in 'UFOs & Sightings' started by The shadow, Jul 24, 2021.

  1. The shadow

    The shadow The shadow knows!

    Recent events have shown that indeed
    UFOs are real. But what are they?
    Keep in mind all opinion is equally valid.
    I will go first. UFOs in my opinion are from different realities. They shift in and out of ours. I believe there are parelell Earth's. Each slightly different. The craft we see are from other realities. Other Earth's. They come here to observe and gather data. I believe UFOs are us. Just different us. Perhaps they want to test our capibilties this is why they been seen around nuke sites. And engage our planes.
    These craft also seem to know and understand our current tech. And have the ability to mimic them.
    This is why I believe UFOs are US. Just a different us.
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  2. dr wu

    dr wu Noble

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'different us' since most descriptions do not fit humans that much. Most are bipedal humanoids but 'not us'. Of couse then we are assuming these are real visits by those who have claimed to see 'visitors'.

    I used to follow Dr Vallee's ideas that they are probably interdimensional beings who have figured a way to slip into and out of our reality so the parallel world idea is basically the same as another 'dimension' depending on how one understands these concepts and quantum physics. I also think it could be something connected to human consciousness and not real in the same sense we think of as real. I have no idea how that would work or what exactly they would be in that scenario. A completely differnt form of life as we know it...perhaps on a metaphysical level.
    I don't rule out the idea that some sightings and visits could be actual space travelers though the sheer number of sightings and visits seem absurd and I would think an intelligent peaceful group would have contacted mankind openly by now even if just to say hello and then leave.
  3. HAL9000

    HAL9000 Honorable

    Yes, this 'different us' idea needs a bit of expansion.
  4. The shadow

    The shadow The shadow knows!

    Sorry was unclear.
    I think UFOs are human craft from a parallel earth.
    An alternate reality.
    Perhaps from a future earth.
  5. pigfarmer

    pigfarmer tall, thin, irritable


    But I know they are not large military transport aircraft, light planes, advertising blimps, flares, weird lighting conditions etc. Once in a while, probably far less than we would suspect, something very 'real' whizzes through. Seems like it anyway.

    I understand that we all like to speculate but there has been no lack of mud slinging back and forth between nuts and bolts theorists and those with more exotic ideas. I'm not planting a flag anywhere, but we are cataloging exoplanets by the bucket full. You can literally point to some spot in the sky and there's a real planet there maybe with something pointing a slimy tentacle back at us.

    You can wag around the over-used 'quantum physics' wand all day - somebody please show me the crack in the universe these things come through. Could very well be true, just a bit harder to get your head around.

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