Unidentified objects 'escorting' Fighter Airplanes

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    Unidentified objects 'escorting' Air Force Fighter Airplanes Photographed Over San Antonio

    A San Antonio resident took some daytime photographs of fighter jets flying over their home. Later when they viewed the photographs, they noticed some strange anomalies...and fortunately for us, they submitted a UFO report to MUFON (case 96768):




    Cluster of unidentified objects escorting Air Force Fighter Airplanes

    My residence is located under one of the flight paths for Kelly AFB in San Antonio. I regularly take photographs with a Nikkon camera of military airplanes flying over and around my residence in daylight and at night.

    On November 26, 2018 I was doing yard work in the morning and witnessed two Air Force Fighter jets with full after burners flying very low, and loudly, over my residence. I had heard them taking off from Kelly AFB a few minutes before I saw them. They were flying toward the southwest.

    About 2:00 PM that afternoon I heard jets and wanted to get some photographs so I grabbed my camera and went outside. The Air Force fighter jets flew over my residence again at about 2:01 PM and I took a couple of photographs.

    The Air Force Fighter jets went around the flight path one more time and were over my residence at about 2:04 PM so I snapped some more photographs.

    I don't remember seeing anything out of the ordinary in the sky at the time, however, I was intensely focused on just the Fighter jets.

    I put my camera back in it's case and didn't download the images off of the camera into the computer until the next day. I erased the images from my camera for space for Thanksgiving Day photos. I intended to put some of the images of the fighters on my facebook page after Thanksgiving so I didn't bother reviewing the airplane photographs at that time.

    On November 30, 2018 I began reviewing Thanksgiving Day photographs and decided to take a look at my airplane photographs so I could post one. When I looked at the first photograph I saw a object next to one of the airplanes.

    I continued reviewing the series of nine photographs I had taken and noticed more objects in each of the photographs. Several photographs have just a few objects in them but many of the photographs have multiple objects.










    Since the witness did not see these UFOs with their naked eye, could they just be specks of dust on the camera lens? Or could this even be a hoax? If these photos do show real UFOs escorting a pair of fighter jets, what are your theories on the intent of UFOs? Maybe these UFOs are similar to the "foo fighters" documented during WWII!

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    Hi Nivek, good find mate. :Thumbsup: ... I find this story pretty interesting and had a little look around to see if there was any more info on the various sites. And as of yet I haven't been lucky, the story is on a fair number of info sites but no extra facts yet, just speculation. As you might have guessed, I wasn't the only one that was put in mind of the old WW2 Foo Fighters when I first looked. But then on one of the close-ups the shape of the object is far from being round. And all reports that I have seen on the original WW2 mystery describe the UFO's as being a definite spherical shape.
    [I think this one is one of the few genuine photos?]

    Nor do they appear round on this video that shows the photos from a different perspective...

    ... In fact I would say that in appearance the [ zoomed-in second photo at least] looks to be more of a upside down boater shape A'la Rex Heflin's infamous pictures from the mid sixties.
    I don't know what they are to be honest , but I do find them pretty interesting inasmuch as they are [for now anyway] genuine UFO's for me at least, because I see no signs of them being a 'hoax', nor imo are they 'closer than thought flying bugs' in the scene.

    ...all in all great find and interesting case mate. :tumbsup:

    Cheers Buddy.
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    Years ago I read a very interesting theory about the WWII foo fighters. It stated that the orbs seen shadowing planes were actually some sort of secret plasma balls built by the Germans. If I remember correctly, the balls had the ability to emit an EMP pulse which, if it was close enough, could cause any aircraft to lose its engine and electrics. What better weapon could there be at a time of endless poundings by British and American bombers than a device that could instantly turn any aircraft into a glider? I'm not sure how the balls were launched or propelled but it seemed like an amazingly logical explanation for the phenomenon. For some reason I've heard very little followup regarding this theory.
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    I first remember hearing about Foo Fighters reading Martin Caidin's Black Thursday. The objects reported were extremely small and at the time they seem to think they were an electrical phenomenon. Somewhere I saw a blog by Micah Hanks that reiterated that. The guys that made the reports were a little busy at the time they saw them.

    From memory - there were some airborne radar units in the latter part the war and there absolutely were ground based radar vectored night fighters. Not sure that there ever was a radar signature of one of these or just a visual of odd lights. Could be wrong about that.

    On a side note one of my elementary school teachers flew missions in both Europe and the Pacific in heavy bombers. I thought he said it was over Italy the first time they saw an enemy jet. Could have been a rocket powered craft too, from the description. Said the closing rate was so fast he could barely register what it was - said it looked like a flying cigar or later telephone pole. Definitely had him wondering what the hell he saw. It wasn't until much later when he got clued in that he was actually seeing advanced military technology
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    this, also at least one of the UFOs is a butterfly:

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