US Navy published revolutionary room temperature patent US20190058105A1

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  1. Dejan Corovic

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    This is above and beyond the ordinary "stop press" moment (if true).

    Patent US20190058105A1 is crazy read. Apparently, if one violently accelerates ordinary conductor, electrons are prevented from achieving thermodynamic equilibrium and all electrons become a single macroscopic quantum object at room temperature. In other words and ordinary copper conductor becomes superconductive.
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  2. pigfarmer

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    Wasn't this part of that other thread regarding room temp superconductors and electromagnetic drive system patents?
    So unrealistic that a senior Navy technical director had to have a chat with the US Patent Office about it because the patent clerk thought it was nonsense and had to be convinced?
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  3. Kchoo

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    Cool... Annnnnnnd the rise of the machines begins...
  4. nivek

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    This is, I think, the holy grail of future supercomputers, if we were able to have superconductivity at room temperature, and I would like to add that 'room' temperature can imply a wide range of temperatures from cool to hot...

    Here's another tidbit:

    William Kaukler
    , materials scientist performing research for NASA and DoD


    A US Navy scientist has filed a patent application for a room temperature superconductor, although no supporting data has been presented. Superconductors allow colossal currents to flow through them when cooled to temperatures near absolute zero (-273°C).

    I am not holding my breath on this. My friend discovered the high Tc ceramic superconductors that work at LN2 temps. I have not seen anything close to RT.

  5. pigfarmer

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    Holy Grail on a number of levels. Like tic-tacs, gimbals and the like (maybe)
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