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    Vaccinations are something I just started doing this year, I honestly have heard rumors that last year some people died from a "bad batch" of the influenza vaccine. A few months ago, I took the Pneumonia and flu vaccines, It's now that time of year when everyone is getting the flu My Dad has it, My mom has it, My wife has it, Heck, My Pot guy Has it and I'm debating on whether or not to even go to him tomorrow.

    With these vaccinations, It's a gamble on the lesser of two evils, Do I take the vaccination and risk getting sick with a lesser variation or do I risk it all and skip the vaccination. I can only give my input, I took the vaccinations earlier this year and Man, I'm Glad I did, This is a really bad flu season :( What are your Thoughts on Vaccinations Guys? I know it's a diverse subject with a varied opinion.

    As for me, I'm pretty glad I got mine right about now.

    To add to the conspiracy of this, Suddenly the flu is so bad people are panicked in waves to seek out an almost guaranteed cure... I admit That does seem fishy, Almost like some scummy asshole is setting up their own market. Come get this shot you need, Or possibly Die, What a motivator.

    I digress, I went to McDonald's this morning and even the french fries were suspicious,


    So, I could be over analyzing it.
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  2. Shadowprophet

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    I have now caught the flu, I've come to the conclusion that vaccinations simply don't work.

    I'm going back to bed.
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  3. nivek

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    I honestly think vaccines are good for the young and old, anyone else it's hit or miss...

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  4. Shadowprophet

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    I just wasn't expecting it, to be honest, It doesn't seem like it's going to be a terrible one, Maybe the vaccine did kind of help in some way, it's not like I'm just miserable, I'm pretty congested, With a fever and my lungs itch pretty bad. But, It could be worse I suppose.

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