What are Dreams.

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    Hi all, sometimes I believe that dreams are a reality that our spirits have when our bodies are asleep...(Just my own opinion) sometimes I could go somewhere and feel as though I've been there before it seems so familiar and yet I can't predict what's next, I feel my spirit had been there and that is why I have a since of remembrence... I dreamed not to long ago while awake lying in bed that I was walking on a nice sunny day on a sidewalk and the sidewalk ended and I fell straight down and broke my back & legs it was weird I couldn't move I was scared and reached in my awake state to call my mother to tell her that I needed help, as I did I realized that I could move my legs and that I was ok. When I got up out of bed my legs felt weird like something had happened to them.. I was walking funny all day at work my legs felt funny for a week they didnt hurt it just felt like my legs remembered the fall ( if that makes sense) was very weird, never fell before in a dream always would wake up before hitting the ground except for this time.. Sorry So long winded...
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    I had an odd dream last night. It involved two girls that i went to highschool with, they were in a fight and one got the other in a headlock.strange i have never had a dream with a fight in it.
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    I've read books on interpreting dreams, I'm not one of those people who subscribes to the notion that "every dream has a meaning" I'm one of those people who almost always remember my dreams so, I've had a lot of recollection in that area,

    Sometimes, Dreams do have a deeper meaning, Some even seem to foreshadow events that haven't yet transpired, So I'm taking very little away from the Idea that Dreams can be supernatural, Because I believe they can be, Other times Dreams are just one's own mind, Taking the emotions we carry through our daily lives and staring those emotions as actors in a play, Because Our minds, Can not stop thinking. They only time they ever truly cease to function is upon death. Most people don't remember their dreams, Others seem to be able to recall them in great detail.

    I can tell you, How you seemed to feel in that Time of that Fight in the Dream Means everything in understanding the importance of that Dream, You don't have to tell me, These things are private to yourself, But, Consider that, Dreams speak to us with symbolism, Dreams are an abstract form of mental expression, So While You and I and Nivek And Thomas All Share Symbolism that we commonly understand, The only thing that matters in your dream is what those symbols mean to you. Ask yourself, How Did I feel at the time the Fight Took place? Was I fearful? Was I Angry? Was I Uncertain? Was I defending something or someone? All of these Questions matter, Because all of the answers tell you a different interpretation of the dream.

    If you were Fearful or doubtful, This Nemesis could represent some sort of Challange you are facing in your Daily.
    If you were Angry, This Avatar could represent some sort of unresolved issue that you need to confront, Perhaps someone Offended you in some way and this went unresolute. Were you defending someone? Protecting something? This Villian could represent a fear of losing something important to you, A loved one, or A close friend.

    regardless of how proud I am of Science, Psychology was my major, If any of this means anything to you, Take it as a means to organize and rationalize your dream, Because, Psychology can show you the road, But Only you can walk it.

    Good Luck Brother.
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  5. cosmic joke

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    to me 'dreams' are like potent medicines. a mind uncluttering. a mind sorting. a body regenerating. a mind solving, or creating, daily life problems. lately my dreams have seen me 'way up high' and looking down or simply laughing my silly ass off. can't make heads nor tales out of it. not going to try either. figure it must have something to do with aging. heh!
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    I have no idea why we dream as the other night during one I had a fight where a bloke who came up behind me and grabbed me where upon I reached down and grabbed him by the stem of his huge erect penis and started to wrestle with it. I was suddenly awake while shouting no.

    Christ only knows where it comes from

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