what are the astronauts doing on the moon anyway?

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    If they were classified how did you hear abut them? Got a source for that? I'd like to take a look.

    In terms of manned missions to Mars or elsewhere mining the Moon has been on the drawing boards for decades. One sixth gravity, all the solar energy you need, lots of real estate to lay out the mass drivers to shoot payloads into orbit or beyond (or be used as a horrifying weapon). Makes more sense to dig it up and process what is needed there, but no it isn't all paid for and I bet the return on investment would take a while.

    What many fail to take into account is the payoff in technical development that trickled down through just about everything. The ROI in that case shows that the investment in the manned orbital and lunar missions was a good one. We wouldn't be here now doing this otherwise.
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    as far as I remember the classified missions could not be hidden and were public knowledge,
    the rockets are a bit hard to not notice when launched.
    but what they did was hidden
    I have no link, this was before the internet.
    I could go see if I can find one
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    Yep, public knowledge just like the Philadelphia Experiment, the Dulce base, Lazar's "S-4", Independence Day, Capricorn One, and Mars Attacks.
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    goal post moving much?

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