What do people Charge for PC repair these days?

Discussion in 'Social Place' started by Shadowprophet, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Shadowprophet

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    It's something I've always done, I've been certified before, Honestly, it's been years though. I think those certs expire, Anyway, People have been bringing me their laptops and computers lately, It all started when I fixed my friends pc, Now people are hunting me down on Facebook Wanting me to fix their pcs,

    I need to know what's fair to charge people. because when it was just a few, I charged them nothing, so now that I have over ten to work on, This shit can't be free anymore.

    Basic Format and Reinstall of windows, 25 Dollars.

    Hardware updates, As in Changing out a CPU or adding memory or changing out PCI cards 30 dollars.

    Basic troubleshooting, something that can be fixed with a setting or a driver change. 15 dollars

    These are all of the basic activities I usually run into. I know these prices aren't top dollar, But I'm not trying to scalp people, I honestly don't need the money, So I'm only charging cause it's the principle of it, A person shouldn't have to work on fifteen computers for free, ya know? So do those prices seem fair? What do you think?
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  2. Kchoo

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    Way fair. Think Geek is like... 50 dollars just to say hi... and 99 bucks an hour , and then after about an hour and 150 later.... “You need a new PC”
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  3. pigfarmer

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    Seems reasonable. For labor billing I used to break my day up into 15 minute blocks i.e more than 7 minutes = 15. Also charged up to an hour for one way travel. Parts get a markup if you have to source them. Don't forget the spyware to realize the additional blackmail charges later :)
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