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As Above So Below
This is a terrifying game lol, I've watched my nephew play this, it very creepy, called Inside the Backrooms...He's been playing it on Steam, apparently it's only 5 dollars to buy it...Its not graphics intensive or demanding yet it's the way the game is set up and plays really pulls on the horror strings lol...

View: https://youtu.be/blPXrBkT0X0


The shadow

The shadow knows!
After some thought I decided to ask the Gangbusters GM tor a character . I got Carlo Grissom hit man.
The game was all Ian and Anna said it was!
The gamemaster used music photos and descriptions to immerse the players into the world of bathtub gin and mob wars.
During the game my character killed two mob capos from a rival gang a couple of gun molls and helped shut down a gin joint.
The only issue I had was Anna decided to kill a player that was being friendly to her ninja. She asked the game master if there was any chance to not outright murder the character and the GM said he would decide her fate.
An amazing game looking forward to the next..

The shadow

The shadow knows!
For the 3rd time I played Carlo. In those games I strong armed my son's character. I took charge. I seduced the wife of the Don. I killed a mob boss "Rick the Barber." Early In the 3rd session I decided to take the crown.
"I'm a traditional man and in the homelands poison was the instrument of choice"
Don Grissom is dead I made sure of it. I have the dons wife. Now his crown.
Long live the Don.