Why do you do what you do?

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  1. Kchoo

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    So this is an explorative question isn’t it?

    It does not apply to any I one thing. It is not specific.

    But how do we answer it?

    We try to find a context for it.

    We try to understand why the question is asked.

    We try to make sense of a broad question.

    We decide to apply it to a context, or we apply it to a deeper overall meaning of life contemplation.

    But it really is a good question.

    Probably the best question I was ever asked.

    Probably the question we should always ask ourselves before we do anything.

    Anyway. I share it as a rhetorical question.

    Don’t answer here, just enjoy the self exploration of that one question internally.
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  2. Shadowprophet

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    I felt an answer was necessary, I do what I do Because I've seen people who have has the same issues as me and do much better with handling them. I want to be a person who never becomes angry. I've learned over the years that Anger is an emotion that I personally could do without. I want to completely abolish self-anger and truly be an enlightened person.

    The kind of person, that always has a level headed solution to any problem. I've seen people like that, So I know it's possible. That's what I strive for, That's why I walk the path I do.
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  3. pepe

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    Deeper sense carries no meaning as we don't understand why.

    I think I'm right in assuming this question is about humanity and understanding the principle reasons why we follow a code.

    Then again i'm shot to fuck which does have the added advantage of being able to maybe give an answer.

    The biggest ever divide that there ever was, the real us and them. We do what we do because otherwise we would be no better than them.

    The imprint of the devil I think comes from our own behaviour as the animal and God is the path away to humanity.

    A thread.
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