Why it is so hard to hear ET talk on the radio.

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  1. Dundee

    Dundee Fading day by day.

    I find it mildly irritating when people argue, if ET is out there, how come we haven't heard them with our radio telescopes yet. So I thought I might try and put it all in perspective for you so you might understand why it is so quiet round here on SETI.

    OK These figures are just ballparks and meant to illustrate a point only (Be gentle Dr Wu :) )

    The known Universe is about 91 Billion Light years across.
    So lets for argument sake take the distance from the top of the African Continent (Tunis in Tunesia) as one side
    And Cape Town down the bottom as the other side of the known universe. That's about 10,000km
    OK some ballpark numbers to consider...

    Capetown to Tunis ------- 10,000km
    Size uo the known observable universe 91 billion light years across (28x10 to the 9 parsecs)
    1 parsec = 3.26 light years
    So the visible universe is about 86.3576 x 10 to the 22 km across
    That's 863576000000000000000000 km

    OK So another approximation...
    I know there were experiments before, but lets call Marconi's transatlantic Transmission in December 12 1901 the first successful signal
    I will round it to 1902.

    That means if Marconi was sitting on one edge of the known universe (Cape Town) Bottom of Africa
    And the Other side of the known universe was Tunis in Tunisia
    Marconi's signals are now only 12.6mm from Capetown

    If we had a civilization transmitting Radio waves for 1000 year, its signal is only 109 mm from Cape town

    If we had a civilization transmitting Radio waves for 1 million year, its signal is only 1.09 m from Cape town

    So assuming a civilization may go for 1000 year without either blowing itself up, or finding some medium better than radio
    We are looking for blobs of radio 100 mm long coming from all different directions up down left right etc that are travelling at the speed of light
    While standing in the middle of the African continent.
    So we have to be looking in exactly the right direction, at exactly the right time, and have a blob of radio waves 100 mm long land on our dish, that was sent sometime in the last 13.5 billion years.

    That is why SETI radios listen mostly to the top 100 songs of the year and not ET

    OK, Wu, time to flame me :)
  2. August

    August Metanoia

    If they are coming here from another dimension/ universe then of course the radio telescopes won't pick them up. They are popping in and out of wormhole /time displacements.
  3. Dundee

    Dundee Fading day by day.

    Yes, I have often wondered about that. I also think if we ever work out how to travel to the other side of the galaxy it wont be by going fast. It will be by some method like that.
  4. August

    August Metanoia

    Read a lot of cases with UFOs just vanishing , gone , where to ?? Yes we need a Gravity Drive to transport you anywhere in the universe instantly or then maybe us a Blink Drive that has the same effect.
  5. Dundee

    Dundee Fading day by day.

    Yes it seems the only way doesn't it.
    If we make a couple of hypothetical assumptions.
    If we are being visited, and have been in the past.
    Unless they live awfully close by, of have mastered faster than light travel.
    I see no other way they can get here in any meaningful time frame without some means to pop in and out of something other than going fast.
  6. CasualBystander

    CasualBystander Celestial

    Why we don't hear ET:

    1. Too far away.
    2. Don't use radio.
    3. Don't exist.
    4. Don't like us
    5. Just not very talkative.
    6. Use directional beaming.
    7. Aren't from this dimension.
    8. Use LASER, subspace, etc. etc.

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