Why We should Forget about String Theory.

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    I've been a Champion Of String theory for as long as I can remember, String theory is so Beautiful, It's like a work of art, But There is a line that must be distinguished, Which Principal is most important, Truth or Beauty.

    Everyday More and More physicists are parting ways with conventional String theory as Quantum Physics continues to Gain More Ground, I am a Fan of quantum physics, Of course, But, As we learn more of the truth, We have to let go of certain things, Not just because they are untrue, But, Because to continue to devote energy to this thing is nothing but a waste of a good education.

    String theory is all but completely disproven, And it happened as early as 1919, Not long after Einstein Published his theory of general relativity, Another Likeminded individual named Theodore Kaluza Was playing with the concept of Relativity within a five-dimensional space, "Because, Why not, it's how we do..." When he discovered That in a five-dimensional space you can separate the Einstien relativity equation into a fourth-dimensional component That looks a lot like General relativity only without the famous Einstien Equation.


    Theodore Kaluza

    Basically, What Kaluza Had done, Was Unify a lot of dimensional theory by proving many of them, were trying to Describe the Exact same principles of energy to matter conversion and had arrived at the same or similar results using drastically different unified field theories. The Nail in the coffin is Oddly enough, Kaluza's Math Looked an awful lot like Maxwells Equations for Electro-Magnetism. It appears That To Us, trapped in this fourth dimensional space-time, That Gravity would appear to us as Electromagnetism, Because We could not fully perceive it for what it was, Being that it's a higher dimensional space than our own space-time.

    Stay with me here, So In 1920, Oskar Kline Solved this issue by proposing That Electromagnetism could react within the strong and weak forces of Gravity if you account for Extra dimensions spaces within our own space-time,


    Oskar Kline

    To give this in a short Nutshell. You See, String Theory is Incorrect because These other Dimensions, They are not What people Want them to be, They are not some other universe with Great space within them.

    This Fifth dimension and higher dimensions Are not spaces we could ever have much use for because These Dimensions are Very tiny and compacted into the smallest particles in the universe. They interact with us only on some Quantum level so Microscopic yet because there are so many particles, It's like a quantum particle storm of higher dimensional space really.


    Here is an example, Imagine Strings, In String theory those strings, are the tiniest possible physical particle
    They would Vibrate and Cause those waves at different wavelengths. In Kline's Theory, Strings are not strings, They are Loops and they, These loops are not fundamentally strings, And function differently than String theory suggests, in fact, String theory proposes that these other dimensions are not microscopic, That they are as large a space as the universe we live in, That's just not True, These higher dimensions are Tiny, Microscopic even.

    This Is all Still Theoretical Physics, But At least Theoretically, String theory is losing more and more steam, As more modern thinking and mathematical approaches seem to ebb away at this Titanic Theory, A Little more Every day.
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    What is this string theory? I forgot...

    See what I did there?
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    One of early predictions of String Theory was that electron's mass would be 50kg.

    But than they added few new dimensions and fixed the problem.

    Now back to what is real. Recent measurement of gravitational waves with LIGO interferometers found that waves arrived to Earth only with energy decay that would be expected due to the distance involved. If String theory was right there would be additional decay because energy of the wave would be disappearing into all these extra dimensions. Nothing of that kind was accounted for.

    Now we are waiting for String theorist to ad even more dimensions and fix this unpleasant experimental result.
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    There is something I just stumbled upon, that I like much more than String theory.

    Einstein originally had a problem solving General Relativity GR, when, his friend Minkovsky suggested that he should try 4 dimensional space, 3 familiar space dimensions and complex time. And it worked immediately and Einstein was able to reap huge success with GR.

    But, that's not the whole story. Minkovsky actually suggested to Einstein to make all 4 dimensions (3 space + 1 time) complex. Complex numbers have an (badly named) imaginary component. There is nothing imaginary about imaginary numbers, they simply make complex numbers into two-dimensional numbers. While 1D numbers only allow for translations, complex 2D numbers allow for both translation and rotation. Einstein didn't take on complex space dimensions, but 100 years later, Stanford physicists Russell Targ, PhD and Elizabeth Raucher, PhD did. You can check it here:

    In short, by using complex 2D numbers for both space & time in GR one is not adding any extra dimensions. GR still has just 4 dimensions. Complex numbers are widely used for example in a maths for AC currents.

    But big surprise with All-Complex-Spacetime-GR is that suddenly quantum entanglement becomes norm. This change makes non-local universe in which all points are interconnected with infinite number of paths regardless of a separation in a space or time. If you want, as Buddhists say "all is one and one is all" (not that I am into any religion). And Einstein was famously against entanglement and he even invented a derogatory name for it "spooky action at distance". Maybe Einstein would know better if he used all 4 dimensions as complex and GR & QM would be integrated.

    Einstein was famously crap with maths, so much so that he was a running joke at college where he worked. Maybe he was scared to add so many complex numbers. For special relativity SR maths was done by his wife Mileva Einstein. After he divorced her, maths for general relativity was done by 3 of his friends from student days, one of them being Marcel Grossmann.

    But luckily other mathematicians are not scared to go into 8D complex spacetime. Russell Targ, PhD talks about 8D complex space-time and interestingly enough there is a group of mathematicians and physicist called Quantum Gravity Research that elaborates more exactly how gravity and QM get unified:

    Among other 8D things Klee Irwin (man in a gray t-shirt) talks about a team in Israel that successfully entangle a pair of particles across time. Meaning, particle changed today passed the change on the particle yesterday and on another particle in tomorrow. Mind bending.
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