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    adjective: pettifogging
    1. placing undue emphasis on petty details.
      "pettifogging attorneys were the bane of civil society"
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    Equable [EK-wə-bl] - adjective

    Origin: Latin, mid 17th century

    1. (of a person) Not easily disturbed or angered; calm and even-tempered.

    2. Not varying or fluctuating greatly.

    Examples of Equable in a sentence:

    "Dad is easier to bargain with because of his equable personality."

    "The sea was equable and glassy, with not a single wave in sight."

    Popularity Over Time:


    About Equable:

    Equable’s modern definition of “fair and equitable” comes from the Latin words “aequabilis” and “aequare” (make equal).

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    Shut-height (noun)
    1. For a press, its the distance from the top of the bed to the bottom of the slide with the stroke down and adjustment up. In general, it is the maximum die height that can be accommodated for normal operation, taking the bolster plate into consideration.
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