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    A Day in the Rant Bin

    'We' ?

    This is the 'Rant Bin' Lawrence, where all 'undisirables' are kept.

    The dissentious babbling isopod's, lost in a delicacy by subtle speaking appointed ones.

    As I have had the honour of being excreted upon by rumps varying from marsupians, rodents to demented squirrels. Never mind the canine verity, with posteriors with perpetual rapid fire 'death-smoke', disguised with shades.

    I can only do both man and beast honour by lying back in the dustbin with my mouth open, in both awe and tribal punishment for asking a question.

    The powers that be, have placed me here, until relinquished tasks of embodiment have set me free. To be placed along side both beast, reptilian and human once more.

    As I bare my seat to you, for placing me upon 'equals' by saying 'WE'

    Regards George

    You know....it happens Lewi....

    I do feel comfortable in the 'Rant Bin' and hate being civilised at times.

    Being civilised, and having to groom marsupian posterior fur all day, is not what I like doing.

    Here the gerbils can roam and play, with a good wack as a reminder on who rules here.

    Better to rule in Hell for a day, than to feel bitten in 'wonderland'

    Ahhh...that is what I like best.


    Often where your 'seats' are postioned is not mine to question.
    Whether it be veterinary enemas or spiritual enigmas.....

    One's flow can enter into the most diverse of places, depending on which end is the vibration.



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