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    Some of you with steel trap memories may remember that I used to be very into building projectors. , I've had varying degrees of success over the years the big problem that I've had is the curvature of the concave lenses that I usually find. recently A friend of mine had a very old telescope that had a very large concave lens, so I decided to put that to use, Cobble together with some older projector parts I've been tinkering with over the years, and a very expensive grow lamp, I've been able to Cobble together a projector that is on par with something that you would see it at drive-in theater so that's what I've been doing I've been watching Star Trek Voyager on the entire wall of one of the rooms in the house, don't know when I'll be done I assume I'll watch all the Voyager then I'll probably watch all of Next Generation then the original series possibly the Animated Series all in preparation for Picard, it's just the most awesome shit I've ever been able to pull off in my life I figure I'll be doing this for a while it it honestly is pretty awesome watching Star Trek and seeing the characters in a little larger than actual life-size it's I don't even want to have to make excuses for this this is what I'm doing you couldn't pull me away from doing this with a crowbar I'll be back when I'm back love SP.
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    Very cool. But for the animated series I'd suggest a small screen, preferable a real old color TV. I have the DVD set and on the 60" TV it can be physically painful to watch.
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