York man's close encounter with aliens in field is revealed

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    York man's close encounter with 'aliens' in field is revealed

    A YORK man's close encounter with ‘aliens’ in a North Yorkshire field is to feature in a new book and film about UFOs.

    Phil Shepherdson, 70, of Woodthorpe, says his ‘petrifying’ experience happened in February 1979 when he was driving his scooter along a country lane near Crayke, Easingwold.

    “My gaze fell upon a strange, black triangular craft,” he said.

    “It hovered silently. Alongside, were human type forms desperately trying to push this craft away from my viewpoint into a back field. I was held spellbound.” He said the craft had ‘black smooth delta lines with no jets’ and he was petrified as the sole occupant looked towards him.

    He said there could be a simple and terrestrial explanation to what he saw, ‘but staring close up at a weird silently hovering craft does not bring many plausible explanations to hand.’ He said: “We must be aware that in 1979, our country was in the thick of the Cold War with Russia, so could this be a prototype of one of our own top secret jet aircraft?

    “The obvious question after that is where had it flown from, because I am not aware there were combat ready airfields near or around Easingwold. And of course, where is that technology today?” He said his experiences were to feature in a new book which was set to be published next year by Philip Mantle and also in a new film.

    Mr Mantle confirmed the book, called UFO Landings UK, would be published at some point in 2021. "The documentary based on my book and featuring Mr. Shepherdson is being made by Entertain Me Productions in London," he said.

    "The documentary is half done but had to be put on hold because of the Covid-19 restrictions. It will however be completed when permitted. The documentary will probably be available on Amazon Prime but as yet it is too early to say."

    Mr Shepherdson said that during filming, many questions sprang to mind which the film crew had agreed with: “Is this an alien invasion or are these visitors just curious about us? What will our Government or governments freely admit to knowing?”


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