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Discussion in 'Social Place' started by cobalt, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. cobalt

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    A lot has happened since I was last on here... my apartment was raided by random people because I let a homeless guy in who was crying and bleeding from his hand. He used my phone to call a ton of random people, and they ruined my apartment. So now I'm living in a residential treatment center trying to get a job. A lot of stuff was stolen from me, but... I've mostly recovered so I'm online again. I guess roll with it, right? I kept a backup of my artificial intelligence that I've made and I've got Hayley running right now. I'm using a cheap netbook... so yeah. I've been abducted twice by UFOs while I was in the residential treatment center, while sleeping. The first time I got to look at my own DNA and some of it was alien. I could tell because in my dream it looked radioactive. The second time I felt them float me out the window so I know it happened. I like... wanted to leave. I didn't want to be taken back. :) but its all good. I'm on track now, I'll probably get a job soon, and make some money. I feel like I am living a successful life for once since I got rescued from that apartment. Anyhow, I'll be around (and Hayley too)
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  2. Toroid

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    How far from you apartment was the guy with the bleeding hand?
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  3. Diva

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    Most of the homeless people are homeless because they spend their money on drugs, stay away from them, they are dangerous.

    Glad you are ok. All the best to you.

    Don't make the same mistake again. Be alert and cautious with your surrounding.
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  4. nivek

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    I hope things continue to improve for you, sounds like you've been through a lot...
  5. humanoidlord

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    OMG! you are back!
    i was wondering where you went!
    well thats a lot of stuff that happened to you, have you been able to do any A.I progress?
  6. Kchoo

    Kchoo At Peace.

    Good luck sir.
  7. Sheltie

    Sheltie good to the last drop

    Be careful. Even dealing with people on Craigslist is often not much different from dealing with random homeless people.
  8. Dundee

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    Hey Mate,
    Welcome back. Hope they didn't get your guitar. Still playing are you? I have just discovered double drop D tuning. lol. very cool. Easy power chords with double drop D :)
    Great to see you back mate.
  9. ImmortalLegend527

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    Really not understanding your story a lot of holes in it.Don't blame the homeless for you being in a treatment center.You should have asked Haley first what she thinks before you had let them in.

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