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    I like the old tower form factor. Like a B-52 you can just keep adding and subtracting stuff depending on whatever's in vogue at the time. HP, IBM and Dell were just fine with their commercial grade servers but the consumer products are marketed toward the neophyte and they load them with resource consuming garbage. There was a utility out there called 'PC decrapifier' that would winkle out all the Dell crapola they load it with; support, advertising, hawking printer cartridges, etc. Annoying. A clean OS load would be appreciated but that doesn't exist in the general consumer realm.

    CC Cleaner and Revo Uninstall are handy little free utilities for seeing what's going on. I like AKG Backup for uh-oh backups although it's a bit dated. More of an incremental copy than a backup. Handy. I use it because I've had compressed backups fail. With this you can view the contents with any windows machine, you just have to think about where your store stuff a bit more carefully.
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    I hate it when a neighbor who has been totally cool for years moves away and someone who is otherwise moves in.

    When their family visits they have two dogs that run loose. One is a young German Shepherd.

    Today as my wife was finishing her walk with our dog and was inside our garage this dog young GSD cruised in suddenly and the Star Trek fight music came up. Sheeeee-it. My wife got our dog inside and was freaked out in the process. She went over to where the dog came from and a young woman blew her off with 'the dog is friendly'. It is, it's a nice dog. It isn't the problem, it's the owners. You get one dog on a leash and one not - inside our own house no less - and the fur can easily. Given two or three more seconds probably would have.

    OK. Wife communicates with me. I come home from work and see the family gathering in the driveway two houses down. Tried the carrot, a couple of times in fact. It's like trying to speak to a big potato - waste of time - so you have to make your point right quick. Because that will help Ugh.
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    You hate it when you have idiotic neighbors next door. The piggish wife swears at the children all day long. Our only saving grace was that they installed a 7 1/2 foot wooden fence to keep their dogs from barking at us all day long. We can now avoid seeing or listening to them. My wife and I have a bet going. We think that the police will come rolling up one day. One of the kids will be taking out the parents. These parents have been told by other neighbors to chill out but the message has not sunk in. Oh well!!
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    See, this is what happens when your 'friendly family dog that never bothered anyone' runs out into the road and we go down in a tangle with it clamped around my dog's throat whimpering and in agony. The owner paid the $300 ER bill for me and I nursed that painful hand several weeks, wasn't fun at all and thanks for the tetanus shot. I threw that dog a beating neither of us enjoyed.

    That was spring 2018. Less than six months later another new neighbor, same exact scenario with a couple of differences. This time there were three of them, maybe 30-40 pounders. One of them again came into the road and clamped on my dog's throat. The public road that my leashed dog and I were walking on. Punching and kicking dogs isn't terribly effective. Ahhhh, but pulling an 18" length of convenient radiator hose out of your pocket came as quite a surprise to Fido. This time he was the one with the bill and injuries. Nothing life threatening but who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. You just need a teaching aid sometimes. The owner is a real piece of work - but he put up a fence and his dogs are under control.

    This ***wipe down the road now has a problem, I don't.

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