Your Pet Peeves & What Grinds your Gears

Discussion in 'Social Hub' started by Zeke, Apr 30, 2018.

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    I get that, I totally get it, a tough problem. I'm very protective of anything that moves which is mechanical, and I suppose it comes from knowing what it takes to create a machine, and to repair one if it's repairable.

    My older brother, who could build a house in two weeks and did, would borrow my tools and when I got them back they would all be beat to hell. Now I wouldn't have minded that so much but the house he built wasn't for me. Those experience along with the one Nivek describes has resulted in a complete Nazification policy of non~intervention and no can help you policy.
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    Same here, that TroyBilt riding mower I have with its 18 horse Briggs & Stratton motor, I could take that completely apart and put it all back together again, my neighbor can't change the oil in one, wait...Maybe that's what he's waiting for, me to repair his....
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    I got a new thing that hypothetically would grind my gears if experienced. And I have a feeling many would disagree with me on this. If someone wins a huge lottery payout (like 100 million+), and they DON'T share with any of their friends or family, THEY are the greedy scrooge.

    I read on reddit stories of anonymous people asking for help to make sure to hide their new winnings or inheritances from everyone "greedy" looking for handouts around them. "On no, I won $100 million - help me reddit WHAT DO I DO?"

    #1 answer: lawyer up and don't tell anyone - ever.

    If a close friend of mine or family member I'm on good term with, won a huge jackpot, and they went out of their way to hide it from all - and if I find out they won. I will look down on them as greedy AF.

    I'm not saying give away all your money, but at such an amount (which would provide for the winner hundreds of times over), sharing a 5%-10% with close family and friends is a win win for ell. Same for everyone at a maximum limit, and DONE. One time shot.

    Is this foolish? What a unfortunate dilemma to have.
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