Your Soul is not your own.

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    I know, Awesome Thread Title right? It's the most Goth thing I've ever said lol,

    Still, though, I do believe our souls may not be our own, hear me out.

    I have come to understand that our Soul, Our Spirit is not entirely our own and furthermore not entirely in our own care. Before I begin I want to say something, Many people get religion and Spirituality confused. They are not the same thing, Religion is a grooming tool, used to indoctrinate someone into a particular subset or cultural "Pack" Spirituality is different. Spirituality is when you lose everything and have no choice but to see yourself for who you really are When you realize there is more to you than just your own being.

    It's when gaining an understanding that Other people are important because as Human beings, We do something Amazing, We Share ourselves with others. It's not just in deep relationships. Whether you are closely related to someone has no impact on what your words mean and how they affect others. Every time you speak to someone, You share a little more of yourself, Your ideas, Your worries, Your accomplishments.

    What we share with others is important because no matter what, Those things we shared have their impact on that other person's life. It affects them. Spirituality is when you understand, What you say others is very important Because words are the most powerful ability we possess. This is why Positive communication and genuine interaction with others is so important, We exchange parts of ourselves with others, In our memories, In our hearts, We carry those things along with us on our own journies and they all affect us in different ways.

    I theorize that as we form close relationships with people, Be it Family or Friends, Or even lovers, We exchange a great deal of ourselves. I believe what the soul is, A shared energy amongst us all. That's why it's important to respect what you share with others and how you share it,

    The afterlife May live in the Memories of the living. Philosophically? Is it no less alive?

    I conclude that we are Quantum beings, We share ourselves with others and possibly, May, in fact, have our souls be in multiple places at once because of this, So Like a Quantum soul, Vibrating between those shared locations in space-time. I can picture that.

    So, What do you guys think? If people don't really share souls? Then What is Love? I think Souls are something we share with each other, All of us really.

    Idk, Maybe the answer to everything has something to do with magnets or black holes or something. :/
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  2. Athena ashford

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    i have read it somewhere that all souls are a part of a same idk what to call it maybe the holy spirit all of us same souls with different minds
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    I can't speak to the Afterlife because I ain't there yet. I do think we continue on in some fashion and perhaps our time spent here is a much more limited or narrowly focused existence.What I have decided as I've matured is that like it or don't we are all connected. A version of 'For want of a nail ...."

    Our behavior toward others has meaning and consequences that ripple way beyond our immediate circumstances. Since there are infinite variables it's impossible to know what the 'right' course of action may be at any given time - or even if there is one. As a younger man I allowed my explosive temper to get the better of me all too often. These days I try to listen much more carefully, control my tongue and attempt to leave a fairly light touch. Because I am quite human it doesn't always work out that way, and it some cases maybe it was better that it didn't. I still have snakes in my head - I just try not to let too many loose. If there's an Afterlife Review I hope this earns me a cookie.

    I'd also try to apply that thinking to these relatively two dimensional but far reaching interactions we have on line, right in this forum. Reading a few of the more obnoxious comments in various threads makes me think that no matter how many smart pills you take there are always lessons to be learned.
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  4. nivek

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    A 'lightning bolt' changes everything, breathing the fresh air for the first time, in that moment there can be only one, no sharing at this point, because then its possible to 'do', which is seemingly a rare thing these days, but there are more than one would think so there's hope still...

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