1. waitedavid137

    The 1/r³ antigravity of a simple charge

    In a prior thread I showed that the first order differential equation of time travel for geodesic motion in a Reissner-Nordström spacetime was where the spacetime was described by Consider a neutral particle dropped radially into it for simplicity. This line element can then be used to...
  2. Thomas R. Morrison

    Dark Energy is Antigravity (and other cosmological heresies)

    Academic physicists and astrophysicists are still reluctant to use the word “antigravity” because the academic science community has been ridiculing ufo witnesses who described AAVs as “antigravity craft” for so long that the stigma is nearly impossible to overcome at this point. So they...
  3. USI Calgary

    Sciency Stuff

    From cool gadgets to cutting edge physics and everything in between. Here's a starter: The Experiments – Hover Brothers Phoenix Theory - Quantum Entanglement and The Key To Gravity