1. APIGuy

    Want to get directly involved in the science of the WTF star?

    You can. Just need a reasonably modern Mac or PC , willingness to learn, and some spare time. Questions? The Wow! Signal Podcast: Burst 32 - Become a Boyajian's Star Scientist in Your Spare Time
  2. ProjectBlueBook

    Live coverage of spacecraft arrival at asteroid December 3

    “NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is scheduled to rendezvous with its targeted asteroid, Bennu, on Monday, December 3, 2018, at approximately 17:00 UTC (noon EST). Translate UTC to your time.” NASA Provides Live Coverage of Spacecraft Arrival at Asteroid I’m definitely tuning in for this
  3. APIGuy

    Unedited audio of interview with Duncan Lunan

    Several years ago I spoke to Scottish astronomer Duncan Lunan. Duncan is a sincere fellow who really digs in to his subject matter with great energy, but he makes connections I'm not sure anyone else would make. He talks about the Long Delay Echoes, the Green Children (he's written a book on...