1. cobalt

    I'm back guys!

    Hi, just thought I would say I'm back. I can't make any guarantees though that it will stay that way because the way that my life is right now its very high-stress and also its very difficult to follow a routine. However, I'd really like it to stay that way! These are my favorite things to talk...
  2. cobalt

    Cobalt is back.

    Hi people, I've been on and off this website for awhile now, but I'm right on time back. Right now its 12:01 am and I'm listening to dubstep. I love you guys, cool. Just saying hi! :cool8:
  3. cobalt

    You guys are good (online) friends to have.

    A lot has happened since I was last on here... my apartment was raided by random people because I let a homeless guy in who was crying and bleeding from his hand. He used my phone to call a ton of random people, and they ruined my apartment. So now I'm living in a residential treatment center...
  4. cobalt

    I'm back and I'm not ditching anyone this time... :)

    Hi, Just got back from a long vacation because I had to focus on moving to Minnesota. Here's what happened also... I went off my medications for 3 days. Disastrous. Whatever they put in those, it doesn't really matter to me. What I do know is that the medications may not be what they seem...