douglas d. johnson

  1. Dean

    The Debrief reports on "complicated" progress of UAP-related measures in Congress

    From The Debrief (Oct. 4, 2021)— “‘Until now, there has never been explicit UFO/UAP language written into law,’ says Douglas D. Johnson, a volunteer researcher with the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) who follows UAP-related developments in government as @ddeanjohnson on Twitter...
  2. Dean

    What UAP-related Information Does the Senate Intelligence Committee Want from the FBI?

    As previously reported on this forum in detail here, on June 17 the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) published its report on the Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA), which contained language that has since been much discussed, dealing with "unidentified aerial phenomena" and...
  3. Dean

    FAA could not identify origin of CO-NE-KS "mystery drones," FOIA probe reveals

    For several weeks in Dec 2019-Jan. 2020, unidentified machines, flying at night in large groups and formations, were reported by numerous citizens and law enforcement officers in NE Colorado and adjacent regions of NE and KS. With at least two U.S. senators and news media demanding answers...