1. S

    A UFO Over Main Street

    At some point in life if crazy things keep happening to you and your family, you literally just have to laugh. I mean come on, from birth I have known high strangeness exists and is here to stay. But for once this little tale is my families but it doesn't include me... March, 1982... Coupon...
  2. APIGuy

    A very strange encounter in Wisconsin, 1994

    This is all the information we have. At the time it was classed as a CE-1, but it's weirder than that. How credible this is, we don't know since there was no follow-up. Heard of anything similar?

    UFOnauts: What they look like...?

    This is a thread devoted to artist renditions or a possible photos of an unknown creature(s) associated with a UFO or whom may have come here via some other means.