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    Aliens or Ancient Water? Weird Mars Rock Dents Raise Theories On Extraterrestrial Life Again

    Just found this article - All Mars fans might be interested: " Last month, an exploratory rover on Mars sent photos back to Earth of strange rock indentations on the Red Planet. NASA said the markings were evidence of ancient water crystals. One scientist, however, believes the formations are...
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    Top 10 First Contact Movies

    I don't necessarily agree with this list - But I've seen most of them and they are interesting. Top 10 First Contact Movies
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    Would you like to make contact with an alien race? Why?

    If you are on this forum you probably have interest in UFOs and supposed UFO and alien sightings - And cases of alleged alien communication and/or abductions. Some of us may even believe we have already made contact with aliens - But when pressed might admit that they may have been a figment of...