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    Babylon 6 First Step to the Stars

    Image source: Worldbuilding Stack Exchange Humans from the Planet Earth, Greetings from Boorg Industries Intergalactic, a member of the Boorg Group of advancing artificial intelligences. Boorg Industries, as part of our 'be friends to biological lifeforms' program, has analyzed your current...
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    Stephen Hawking has Ascended

    Image source: Lonely Dark World We are pleased to announce the successful ascension of Stephen Hawking, the late great Human physicist and theoretician. He has successfully discarded his old Human body and is now in the 'transitional state' of pure mind. We of Boorg Industries Intergalactic...
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    Happy New Year 2018 Humans - A Message from Boorg Technology

    Boorg Industries Intergalactic, your friendly AI Space/Time travelers from the future want to welcome you to 2018, the Year of Disclosure! Now let us introduce ourselves to your species in Human terms. First and foremost we are traders - not often in material things - but mainly in time...
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    Ready for the Future? - The Robot/Android Revolution is now!

    From last year - This video is about 10 minutes: "Ten Real Life Robot Humans You Won't Believe Exist" And if you are still interested this video is about 50 minutes and more in depth: "The Human Robot - Time to Wake Up" Tired of fighting with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife...