1. Paul Kimball


    Hi folks, As some may know, and some may not, I work on a "ghost" investigation series up here in Canada. It's not available yet outside of our country, but over the holidays I mashed several half-hour episodes from the second season together that covered one investigative arc at the Queens...
  2. APIGuy

    Questions for Kenny Biddle?

    We're having paranormal investigator Kenny Biddle on API Conversations soon. Any questions for him?
  3. GhostofBiedny

    New Skinwalker Ranch Documentary by Jeremy Corbell

    I have always been fascinated by the Skinwalker Ranch case (AKA Sherman Ranch) in Utah. This is an area that seems to be a geographical confluence of mixed paranormal activity - including UFOs, strange creatures, poltergeist activity, cattle mutilation etc. There are many such areas...
  4. SilentRunning

    In your opinion, what constitutes a good paranormal podcast/broadcast?

    I'm asking for reasons of the future project, so I'm sure you can put two and two together and come up with what said future project is...would this count as doing market research? Personally, aliens to me aren't that big of a deal. I believe they're out there. I believe we've had some form...
  5. SilentRunning

    Hey, thanks for approving me

    This is SilentRunning. I came for the controversy, want to stay for some of the paranormal discussion. :D When it comes to Alien experiences, I'm kind of in-between Extraterrestrial & Interdimensional theories -- I believe both have happened and are going to happen; I believe the government...
  6. CasualBystander

    Crony's Bar in Ventura has moving bar stools

    Even Sober People See It Happen! Ventura Bar's Furniture Moves On Its Own A CBS affliate sent a reporter out to report on the moving bar stools.