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  1. AlienView

    Britain's Royal Air Force To Release Secret UFO Files For The First Time

    "The age-old question of are we alone in the universe may not be answered any time soon, but the fact that Britain is planning on declassifying its UFO files for the first time puts us one step closer to the truth. The Royal Air Force (RAF) ran a UFO unit for 50 years that took in public...
  2. Justice Fodor

    Ray Stanford Close-Up No. 9: Stanford Hits Critics + "A Major Government Operation" and NASA

    Ray Stanford Close-Up No. 9: Stanford Swipes at His Critics; Plus Alien Fingers, "A Major Government Operation," and the Stanford-Goddard-NASA Connection On March 8, 2019, Ray Stanford was interviewed on a radio/podcast program called UFO Classified. The program, associated with KCOR...