1. AlienView

    All Unexplained UFO/Alien Phenomena can be explained by Sentient Energy

    And what do I mean by 'Sentient Energy' ? When you receive data through the internet, broadcast radio/TV signals, Wi-Fi, etc., you are receiving pre-packaged intelligence that can be decoded {ie. your TV} But what if there was energy that was conscious? - That, instead of being locked-in and...
  2. cobalt

    Rough mornings... or even all day... maybe post here.

    Hi guys, Happy holidays and if you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Ramadan, happy Christmas Hanukkah or Ramadan. In one of my previous posts I compared sickness to an E.T. virus that might have hit earth thousands of years ago. I suffer from chronic congestion in the morning (until I get...
  3. S

    A UFO Over Main Street

    At some point in life if crazy things keep happening to you and your family, you literally just have to laugh. I mean come on, from birth I have known high strangeness exists and is here to stay. But for once this little tale is my families but it doesn't include me... March, 1982... Coupon...
  4. Wade

    Maybe they were celebrating the summer soltice?

    Two mysterious objects were seen floating above Kansas City. They (probably) weren't aliens - CNN What was interesting here is that the article brought up two possibilities and both were nixed. So we still have a what is it? Usually the "object" gets explained away but this time?
  5. APIGuy

    New Article by Tyler Rogoway on Navy UFO Encounters

    Recent UFO Encounters With Navy Pilots Occurred Constantly Across Multiple Squadrons Tyler quotes a confidential source: there were many more encounters, including many visual encounters with the sphere with a cube inside, almost constantly off the East Coast.
  6. APIGuy

    Podcast UFO The 7th of May 2019

    I'm going to be on Martin Willis' Podcast UFO May 7th from 6-8 EDT. It will also go out on KGRA radio. Call in or ask questions in the chat, and let's get a dialog going! this is my second time on that podcast, and Marsha Barnhart was also on in 2017.
  7. APIGuy

    Case 14-071: A July 2013 Saucer in Utah

    As always, if you know of similar cases let us know. The redacted Report of Investigation (ROI) is available for your study.
  8. APIGuy

    UFO photography - the technical issues

    We are working on some new training material for field investigators and skywatchers. This material will focus on photography ad videography and will be very much of the "how to" sort of thing, rather than much in-depth theory. So, I thought I'd share my notes here and invite comment, as well as...
  9. APIGuy

    One of our best black Triangle cases - 13-128

    This took place on the 3rd of December 2013 in Somerset England. The two witnesses knew each other, but were in separate locations and a few hours apart. We have redacted the Report of Investigation so you can read it for your self. The Triangular object, which was also witnessed floating...
  10. APIGuy

    API's Field investigator training video series

    This series has kicked off. Now, these will not be super exciting to watch, but will be rich in information for the prospective investigator. Here's the first one: Many more are to come. I think we need to do one lens flares soon, since those are still coming up.
  11. APIGuy

    Just completed a report on recent saucer sighting in Bethlehem, PA

    Last night we published the redacted Report of investigation (ROI) on case 18-017, a single witness CE-1 in Bethlehem, PA on 2 July 2018. As always, we are willing to re-open a case if more information comes to light. If you know of any other information of sightings in that area around that...
  12. Thomas R. Morrison

    The Physical Science of Ufology

    A few years after my sighting as a seven year-old boy, I realized that anecdotal testimony would be of little value in resolving my questions about what I, and five of the other neighborhood kids, had seen that day. So I turned my attention to science, and specifically physics, because the...
  13. APIGuy

    The Simone Mendez case

    Simone Mendez was a 21 year old Airman in the USAF in 1981, and was trained as a telecommunications specialist. By all accounts her job performance was exemplary, and she held a Top Secret clearance. In the Summer of 1981, she was transferred to Nellis AFB in North Las Vegas. She had for some...
  14. APIGuy

    API's video series on UFO investigation and specific cases

    We rebooted our YouTube channel this year after letting it lie dormant for long time. We have four playlists there, and are about to add two more. The four are: Public information and education Video Case summaries Experiments Legacy Videos The two new ones one will be: field investigator...
  15. APIGuy

    A Utah sighting from last year. Who can follow up?

    I think we've done all we can with our investigation of this 2017 Utah case. it was a 2 witness (married couple) case, and they reported a close approach of a possibly egg-shaped craft (the linked report shows exactly where (40.513121,‐112.096007)). unfortunately, we haven't been able to find...
  16. APIGuy

    API Case Files

    I am one of the producers of the API Case Files podcast, although Marsha Barnhart does the bulk of the work. The podcast consists of regular magazine-style episodes and Conversations, which are 1-on-1 discussions with leading thinkers, writers and researchers. At present, there are 13 episodes...
  17. APIGuy

    New to this site

    Independent UFO investigator here. I'm interesting in reaching out to other researchers who take an honest, ethical approach. I am constantly thinking of ways we could help each other on investigations, especially those where boots on the ground are essential. If you want to reach me...
  18. Thomas R. Morrison

    AATIP, TTSA, AAVs and Exotic Metamaterials

    The revelation of the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) that came out in the New York Times last December immediately precipitated a sea change in the mainstream media coverage of the AAV/UFO phenomenon, and the story is still developing (much to the chagrin of...
  19. Thomas R. Morrison

    Intelligent alien life: astronomy, astrobiology, and the age of inhabitable worlds

    I’ve noted an odd lag in our cultural understanding of the probability of advanced alien civilizations in our galaxy and the universe at large, and the bearing of recent scientific discoveries upon this pivotal subject. Most people still seem to be operating under the limited and now very...
  20. CasualBystander

    UFO reports

    Just a couple of UFO articles (no pictures). They happen to be about Iraq. There Are People Who Think The West Invaded Iraq Over a Stargate Is Hussein Owner of Crashed UFO?
  21. AlienView

    Bill Clinton and UFOs: Did he ever find out if the truth was out there?

    Interesting article: "In 1999, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would have required across-the-board cuts to most federal agencies and departments, including the Department of Education, which President Clinton learned about as he was about to meet with a delegation of educators...
  22. AlienView

    Would you like to make contact with an alien race? Why?

    If you are on this forum you probably have interest in UFOs and supposed UFO and alien sightings - And cases of alleged alien communication and/or abductions. Some of us may even believe we have already made contact with aliens - But when pressed might admit that they may have been a figment of...
  23. CloseEncountersGuy

    My UFO experience

    Here’s a couple low quality videos of ufo/orbs that i witness during the months from mid july 2017 until present liveleak.com/view?i=d70_1510216929 liveleak.com/view?i=7fd_1509980104 I sit outside about 24 times every night smoking and started noticing balks of light all the time. I started...
  24. Filakius

    How to solve the UFO mystery

    HOW DO WE SOLVE THE UFO PHENOMENON? Write in a post, what steps you think are required to solve this UFO thing once and for all. * If you are a "believer", please be calm and rationally explain what it would take.., without telling "sceptics" to wake-up and just see the facts. Understand that...
  25. cobalt

    To Anyone Who Is An Alien Human Hybrid

    If you believe you are an alien human hybrid, I have a message for you. It has come to my attention that most if not all alien human hybrids are dissatisfied with what society can give, so I suggest that we connect with each other and possibly lead an exodus to California. The reason why...
  26. Captain Tinkle

    Area 51

    I have noted in recent years information and news coming out of Area 51 is somewhat lacking. Primarily the only source of "news" that regularly updates in Dreamland Resort. Whether this be because the public interest in the secretive base is waning or there is nothing news worthy happening, I...
  27. Alkaid

    Strange Light and Paralysis / Levitation Experience

    Hello, I am new to this site. I am glad when I discovered Alien Expanse and have been reading some of the threads here for 3 days now. I was hesitant to share this experience of mine at first as I am not sure if this is related to Aliens / UFO. I have kept this a secret and never told my...
  28. AlienView

    10 Claims Of Recovered Extraterrestrial Craft

    "There are thousands of reports of strange lights in the skies, even of close contact with apparent vehicles from other parts of the galaxy. But reports of such craft crash-landing and being recovered by our collective governments are a little more few and far between—not to mention a lot less...
  29. J

    Bible Prophecies Explained at Last

    Hello all, Thanks to FFH, I come here to update you. Indeed, most of you already know me. I was themeek on AH. Instead of posting hundreds of posts here I just offer you a book just finished today to freely read it online. I invite you to save it on your computer. THE BIBLE PROPHECIES...
  30. AlienView

    Project U.F.O. {Project Blue Book} dramatized series

    I'm putting this here instead of the entertainment section because I believe it is significant enough to be seen by all parties interested in the UFO phenomena and the Air Force investigation of it. Right now it is available free on YouTube, and covers 26 episodes, the complete series: SF TV...