At age 7, she resolved to repay her father, and finally did so 30 years later!

Daughter gifts father prized Dan Marino trading card years after he sold it for extra cash

Lindsey Moore posted a video to her TikTok of her Secret Santa gift to him, fulfilling a promise she made to herself years ago when she was a child. At the age of seven, she remembered her father selling his Dan Marino football card for some extra cash.
Daughter surprises father with cherished Dan Marino card | Fox News Video


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In Settings I turn off that logo, keep the time stamp on and turn off the camera status light. I'm very happy with mine so far.

Oddly though, lately when I go to look at the cameras in the app on my phone they don't want to connect when I am home in my own wifi. When I'm outside my home network they connect instantly. Not much in the camera in the way of network settings, or in the router in the admin section I can get into. Annoying - chances are it'll resolve with an update eventually. The only time I ever had a problem with a Wyze camera was during a firmware update in which one failed and naturally it had to be the one I had to get the extension ladder out to fix. No problem since and Wyze has since updated their app so I can do the firmware on all of them with one keystroke. Only thing I am thinking of adding is a standalone IR illuminator