1. AlienView

    Will World War Three be the End of the World?

    I ask this now in view of the current Russia Ukraine War which may escalate out of control. The relations between the world's major nuclear powers, the United States and Russia, have never been worse with Russian leader Putin putting his countries large nuclear arsenal on alert. Say things go...
  2. Standingstones

    UFO and Alien Encounters in the Old Soviet Union

    UFO And Alien Encounters From The Old Soviet Union - UFO Insight
  3. APIGuy

    A Recent CE-4 Investigation

    Report of investigation 18-004-CE4 Unfortunately, we can't take this case much further ourselves. If you have the Russian language and medical skills needed, we'll try and put in you in touch with one of the witnesses.
  4. 3FEL9

    Britain Blames Moscow for Poisoning Former Russian Spy

    LONDON — Britain’s prime minister said on Monday that it was “highly likely” that Moscow was to blame for the poisoning of a former Russian spy attacked with a nerve agent near his home in southern England, and she warned of possible reprisals. Britain Blames Moscow for Poisoning of Former...