the watchers

  1. Justice Fodor

    Ray Stanford's Carnival of Incredible and Unsubstantiated UFO Claims!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, by popular demand, a return tour for the Ray Stanford Close Up series! Step right up! The mind-boggling UFO-evidence and alien-contact claims made by Ray Stanford will ASTONISH and AMAZE you-- their number, their diversity, their grandiosity, and their ability to remain...
  2. Justice Fodor

    Ray Stanford Close-Up No. 9: Stanford Hits Critics + "A Major Government Operation" and NASA

    Ray Stanford Close-Up No. 9: Stanford Swipes at His Critics; Plus Alien Fingers, "A Major Government Operation," and the Stanford-Goddard-NASA Connection On March 8, 2019, Ray Stanford was interviewed on a radio/podcast program called UFO Classified. The program, associated with KCOR...
  3. Justice Fodor

    Ray Stanford Close-Up #6 - Audio Excerpts of Stanford Speaking & Channeling Aramda of "The Watchers"

    "Frankly, at age 73 [in 2011], and as the most seasoned researcher into these phenomena alive today, I tire of book authors who are so cowardly of the mystery that they dare only present readers with reports from persons with military stripes and metals, or with a Ph.D. behind the observers...