Ray Stanford Close-Up #6 - Audio Excerpts of Stanford Speaking & Channeling Aramda of "The Watchers"

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"Frankly, at age 73 [in 2011], and as the most seasoned researcher into these phenomena alive today, I tire of book authors who are so cowardly of the mystery that they dare only present readers with reports from persons with military stripes and metals, or with a Ph.D. behind the observers name."-- Ray Stanford, in a book review posted on Amazon.com, May 4, 2011​

"[O]ne night a gigantic craft -- and I remember well the scene, and how it appeared -- a gigantic craft, probably at least 200 feet tall, . . .landed at Telos, and it was an expedition from outside the Earth." -- lecture by Ray Stanford (age 36), August 22, 1974, recalling his experience as an eyewitness 38,000 years ago, when a giant alien spacecraft landed at the current site of the Grand Canyon​

Since the 1970's, Ray Stanford has made many claims to being a pioneer in the collection and analysis of "hard data" on UFOs.

Many examples could be quoted, but to cite just one: In 1981, at age 42, Stanford told the Austin American-Statesman that he had already collected UFO hard data that put him on the level of the first man on the moon. Here is an article from a clipping drawn from an archive (uploaded here):

"The data we now have is going to break the UFO code," said Stanford, 42. "This is hard scientific data, and I don't think there's a scientist who will dispute it. Our data confirms that UFOs are objects that are not originating from a nation we know of, that have strong electrical charges, and move at speeds and energy levels almost incomprehensible to our working technology."

Stanford likens himself to the first man on the moon in that his research represents the "first hard scientific data collected on UFOs."​

He said, "It's a little like the guy who stepped on the moon. We're not quantifying the number of sightings anymore, but have moved far beyond that." ("UFO Power Being Studied by Specialist," by Linda Anthony, Austin American-Statesman, March 8, 1981; uploaded here.)​

Stanford's bold claims to being a UFO science pioneer have been accepted by some in the current ufological world. Chris O'Brien, author of books on cattle mutilations and a diligent scribe of Stanford's stories, said in May 2018, "IMHO, he is the only 'ufologist' that even comes close to mattering!" Chris Lambright, author of X Descending (2011), called Stanford "one of the most thorough and knowledgeable investigators I have met," and that "Like me, he was after evidence, not anecdotes."

Regrettably, however, the record suggests that throughout his long "career" in ufology, Stanford has produced far more in the way eyebrow-raising anecdotes than of substantiated evidence.

In 2011, Stanford called himself "the most seasoned researcher into these phenomena alive today." Even some of those who have accepted and promoted such claims, however, may not be aware of the full breadth of Stanford's experience with extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. By Stanford's own testimony as a mature adult, his direct experience with UFOs far pre-dates the 1970's, and even far pre-dates the 20th century. In lectures that Stanford gave as an adult mature in years, in 1974, he revealed that he remembered that he first witnessed the descent of a giant extraterrestrial spacecraft on Earth about 38,000 years ago, when he was incarnated as a member of an advanced human technological culture called Telos (a colony of Lemuria).

"I remember well the scene" of the descent of the "gigantic craft," Stanford told a group of followers in a lecture recorded in August, 1974 (audio recording uploaded below).

Stanford also explained that his friendship with "Armada," a member of the extraterrestrial race Stanford called "The Watchers," had its origins in that same lifetime, 38,000 years ago. Furthermore, Armada himself-- channeled through Ray Stanford as Stanford lay in a trance -- helped guide the work of the Association for the Understanding of Man and its "research" project, Project Starlight International, during the 1970's. At that time, Stanford was a "research psychic" on the A.U.M. staff, editor-in-chief of the A.U.M.'s journal, director of Project Starlight International, and for all practical purposes the center of the entire enterprise.

As have already explained, in this thread, the A.U.M. publications of the 1970's (printed and taped) clearly show that Stanford's Project Starlight International, although presented by Stanford (then and now) to the general public and the ufological community as a hard-headed scientific endeavor, was shaped and guided by Stanford's trance-readings-- and in particular by guidance from Aramda and other so-called "Brothers." During a "reading," Stanford, although deemed unconscious, would often speak for hours at a time. These extended discourses were said to emanate either from "The Source" (Stanford's own higher mind, ostensibly manifesting some degree of super-clairvoyance), or members of a league of spiritual super-adepts known as the "White Brotherhood." Stanford claimed to remember nothing of what he said during these "readings."

Armada was one of the cast of "Brothers" who were periodically channeled by Stanford. Review of the published A.U.M. material, and of recorded lectures delivered by Stanford, show that Armada had a special import with respect to Stanford's UFO-related activities. However, in articles, newsletters, press releases, or other materials issued to the ufological communities, or the general public, under the imprint of Project Starlight International, there were no mentions of psychic readings, Brothers, and messages from Aramda or other "Brothers." Nor is Stanford inclined to bring up those aspects of Project Starlight International in more recent years, on UFO-related podcasts and the like -- and when others do so, he is prone to react with hostility or to say misleading things.

This thread is intended to shed a little more light on Aramda and the role that this character played in the Ray Stanford universe during the early days of Project Starlight International. The material that I present in this thread was all drawn from or based on material presented by Stanford (awake or in trance) to A.U.M. members during conferences held in August 1973 and August 1974, when Stanford was, respectively, 35 and 36 years old. The A.U.M. sold copies of some of the conference events on cassette tapes. I am uploading here, for educational, historical, and journalistic purposes only, four short audio files pertaining to Aramda -- excerpted both from Stanford in waking lectures, and Stanford's channeling of Aramda from the ostensible unconscious state.

The uploaded audio file named "Ray Stanford 8-22-74 archeology lecture -- 1 of 2" is an excerpt from a talk titled "Psychic Archeology," given by Stanford (not entranced) at an A.U.M. membership conference in Austin on August 22, 1974. In the excerpt, Stanford said that he remembered being incarnate about 38,000 years ago, when he said there existed on Earth a human technological civilization called Lemuria. Although Lemuria was based in the Pacific, it had a "colony" known as Telos, in the place now occupied by the Grand Canyon. Stanford explained that Telos was "the equivalent, to Lemuria, of the White Sands Proving Grounds to the U.S." -- that is, it was a place in which new Lemurian aircraft were tested, including craft capable of traveling somewhat outside of the atmosphere. The scene was unsettled by sightings of unknown aerial craft; the Telonians was divided in their opinions about what they were. Stanford related that this debate was settled when "one night a gigantic craft -- and I remember well the scene, and how it appeared -- a gigantic craft, probably at least 200 feet tall, landed on its back end . . . landed at Telos, and it was an expedition from outside the Earth." The craft was occupied by extraterrestrials "who look very much like ourselves," recalled Stanford, adding the detail that "it had a woman captain."

The audio file named "Ray Stanford lecture on Aramda-Telos 8-22-74--2 of 2" continued Stanford's recollection from his incarnation in the civilization of Telos and its first contact with visiting extraterrestrials. In this segment, Stanford explained that the aliens warned the earthlings of an impending natural disaster (crustal shift) that would destroy Telos. Stanford also related that Aramda originally was a human friend who accepted an invitation to go away with the aliens, and this decision somehow led to Armada's 20th century role with the extraterrestrial Watchers. (In the rest of the lecture, not included in this excerpt, Stanford discussed "imperishable metal" records of Telos that were left hidden in caverns at a certain location in Sonora, Mexico. Stanford received confirmation of the location when he and companion saw a UFO land there. Stanford said that he hoped during the years just ahead to recover the hidden tablets.)

The audio file named "Ray Stanford on Aramda and The Watchers 8-23-74," is an excerpt from another Stanford lecture, delivered on August 23, 1974, titled "Firsthand Contacts with Extraterrestrial Life." In this excerpt Stanford described some of his claimed close encounters with "The Watchers" in the late 1950's. He also described his soul's extraterrestrial origins and his long friendship with Aramda. He indicated that his close-encounter experiences during the 1950's were orchestrated by Armada and the "Watchers," as distinct from various other ET groups currently visiting the Earth.

(By the way, this lecture of August 23, 1974 for the most part dealt with the same experiences that Stanford related in his 1958 book Look Up -- even though I have seen materials from as early as 1964 in which Stanford, when defending his objectivity as a UFO researcher, took pains to distance himself from many elements of the accounts he had related in Look Up. In Look Up, page 28, Stanford described receiving a telepathic summons that brought him and others to Padre Island, Texas, on January 5, 1957, where they observed overhead a "mother ship." Stanford wrote, ". . . we knew that in this large ship from another planet were several very advanced beings from other worlds and a number of evolved Brothers from this one . . . Also aboard this craft was a young man (to the space people's standards, but old to most of us) with whom I have had contact several times and whom I first contacted on Thanksgiving Day of 1956. This person is from some other planet . . .I call the space man mentioned earlier Aramda for personal reasons and because it has a special significance to us.")

The final audio file, named "Ray Stanford channels Aramda 8-17-73," is a copy of an audio recording of the entranced Stanford channeling Aramda for the gathered A.U.M. members at a conference session held on August 17, 1973. (Prior to the channeled material, there is a dubbed-in segment in which Stanford explains what the listener is about to hear; this helpful introduction seems to have been added when the recording was being prepared for mass production and sale by A.U.M.) A complete transcript of the August 17, 1973 Aramda discourse appeared in the Journal of the Association for the Understanding of Man, Vol. 2, No. 2 -- the pertinent pages are uploaded here. In this discourse, Armada offered advice to those gathered, including that "your assets be made or kept fluid. If you do not do this, great will be your regret before two years have passed."

I present this material here in part because, although portions are more than 40 years old, I believe it is pertinent to much more recent representations by Stanford, in various UFO-related podcast interviews and elsewhere, regarding the origins and purposes of Project Starlight International. It sheds some light on the true nature and scope of Stanford's UFO-related activities during the days that Project Starlight International first made a splash, and later.

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A pen name of Dean (used 2-8-19 to 8-1-21)
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Justice Fodor

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That podcast interview was, I think, devoted mostly to Stanford talking about the 1964 Socorro incident. Stanford has made multiple unsubstantiated or discredited claims related to Socorro, such as the claim that Stanford had recovered non-earthly metal shavings from the site (later stolen by NASA); that Stanford had personally photographed four UFOs from the Zamora-incident site at a later date (one with landing gear extended); and that the military had captured a Socorro-like craft at Holloman Air Force Base six days after the Zamora incident. I have addressed Stanford's debunked/unsubstantiated Socorro-related claims in several past posts, including these:

Ray Stanford and His Ever-Receding Claims of World-Shaking UFO Evidences

Ray Stanford and his NASA-Goddard UFO-Metal Cover-Up Claim (1964)

I think that podcast also discussed the an drawing or painting depicting a UFO emitting an energy spike. This purports to be a detailed image "drawn from memory" of a frame of super-8 movie film. The actual little photographic image has never been released or published, although it has been the subject of extravagant extrapolations by Stanford and others. I addressed that matter here:

Ray Stanford and His Ever-Receding Claims of World-Shaking UFO Evidences