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    Amazing, the changes that occur through our lives, some of which many think chance or luck had something to do with certain changes not seeing the underlying 'current' but be it as it may change is good and a few recent changes in my life have been so very good for me in so many ways...

    My place of employment has evolved greatly and put me into such a fine long term position with more freedom and personal time off than I've had in a long time...The company I'm working for as supervisor was bought by a worldwide US fortune 500 company and as a result we are growing as a business greatly but for me my benefits have tripled through the company, my pay has more than doubled and have more free personal time away from work than I ever expected...As I've stated in another thread I have been traveling a lot lately, having the time off and finances to do so, I'm traveling to the UK and Europe later this year, my first time ever traveling to that region of the world, I'm really looking forward to that...

    This forum will always remain here and I'm going to make a point to write here more frequently...:)
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    I don't know if you have PBS where you live. There's a program called Rick Steves' Europe that's enjoyable and informative. He gives very good advice on how to prepare for vacations and what to carry. During the telethons they usually offer his daypack, DVDs & books if you make a large enough donation.


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