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UK health chiefs 'closely monitoring' outbreak of deadly virus in India

An Indian outbreak of Nipah virus, which has no cure and can kill 75 per cent of those it infects, is being 'closely monitored' by UK health leaders.

The spike in cases of the virus, which inspired the Hollywood pandemic thriller 'Contagion', has already killed two people in the southern state of Kerala.

Five other cases have been detected, including a child of one of the victims, with over 800 people being testing.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) told MailOnline it was 'closely' monitoring the outbreak.

Authorities have closed down schools and offices and declared nine villages as containment zones over fears of the brain-damaging virus.

India is currently experiencing an outbreak of Nipah virus in the southern state of Kerala, the fourth since 2018

Public transport has also been suspended and neighbouring states are testing travellers from Kerala for potential symptoms.

Nipah is spread by fruit bats who can transmit the virus to people via contact with infected bodily fluids like saliva or urine left on fruit.

These people can then go on to infect others by close contact including potential airborne transmission through coughing and sneezing.

Nipah can kill by causing both severe respiratory problems and fatal brain swelling.

No vaccine or medication work against the virus, with treatment focussed on helping patients survive the symptoms while the body fights off the infection.

A UKHSA spokesperson said: 'UKHSA’s emerging infections and zoonoses team continue to monitor the Nipah outbreak closely though our epidemic intelligence processes.'

'Nipah virus has not been detected in the UK and the risk of importation into the UK is very low.'

Professor Miles Carroll, an expert in emerging viruses at the Pandemic Sciences Institute at the University of Oxford, said they were 'closely monitoring' the outbreak.

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Bill Gates GAVI "predicted" a Nipah virus pandemic in 2021. In 2022, Gates-funded Moderna and NIAID began a clinical trial on a new mRNA vaccine for Nipah Virus. Now we have reports of a Nipah outbreak. 75% death rate.




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Next pandemic deemed the 'Big One' could be the most contagious and deadliest disease known to humanity, scientists warn

The next pandemic, dubbed the 'Big One,' could be 'simmering in the background,' waiting to unleash the most contagious and deadliest diseases known to humanity.

The paramyxovirus family has over 75 viruses, including mumps, measles and respiratory tract infections, and was added to the list of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases' pandemic pathogens to watch in October.

One of the viruses, the Nipah virus, can infect cells with receptors that regulate what gets in or out of cells that line the central nervous system and vital organs.

This variant has a fatality rate of up to 75 percent compared to Covid's, which is well under one percent.

Scientists note that unlike the flu and Covid-19 are 'speedy shape-shifters,' paramyxoviruses appear not to mutate as they spread, but they have become 'very good at transmission among humans.'

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